Which plant is used for anther culture?

Successful anther culture was first reported in the 1970s through in vitro methods by Guha and Maheshwari. It has been used in numerous species, mainly rice (O. sativa) and tobacco (N. tabacum).

What is anther culture and pollen culture?

Pollen culture (microspore culture) is a technique in which haploid plants are obtained from isolated pollen grains while in anther culture those are obtained from pollens, by placing anthers on a suitable, synthetic culture medium.

What is anther culture Wikipedia?

Anther culture is a type of tissue culture technique, where a part of a plant (anther) gives rise to an androgenic haploid plant when cultured on a nutrient medium under optimal conditions. The nutrient media provide all the necessary factors that are required for the growth of the cell.

How anther culture is done?

Anther Culture. A plant culturing technique in which immature pollen is made to divide and grow into tissue (either callus or embryonic tissue) in either a liquid medium or on solid media. Pollen-containing anthers are removed from a flower and put in a culture medium, some micro spheres survive and develop into tissue …

What is anther culture technique?

What is the principle of anther culture?

The principle behind the anther culture is that without disturbing the natural habitat and environment of the enclosed anther, pollen can be grown by culturing the intact anther.

What is anther culture Slideshare?

Definition • Anther Culture: It is an artificial technique by which the developing anthers at a precise and critical stage are excised aseptically from unopened flower bud and are cultured on a nutrient medium where the microspores within the cultured anther develop into callus tissue or embryoids that give rise to …

What anther means?

Definition of anther : the part of a stamen that produces and contains pollen and is usually borne on a stalk — see flower illustration.

What is anther structure?

A typical anther is always a bilobed and dithecous structure. Theca is a chamber on the anther lobes. Usually, each lobe has two theca and is hence named as dithecous. The transverse section of the anther shows two microsporangia in each lobe. Thus, they have four microsporangia in total.