Which province is Bethlehem in?

Free State
Bethlehem, Free State

Country South Africa
Province Free State
District Thabo Mofutsanyane
Municipality Dihlabeng

How did Bethlehem South Africa get its name?

Founded in 1860, it was named Bethlehem (“House of Bread”), after its Biblical counterpart, because wheat thrived in the region. The river flowing through the town (since dammed to form Lake Athlone) was named Jordaan.

Who is the mayor of Dihlabeng local municipality?

Lindiwe Makhalema
Executive Mayor: Lindiwe Makhalema, Cllr Postal Address: PO Box 551, BETHLEHEM, 9700.

Why is Bethlehem called Bethlehem?

There, his wife Rachel died giving birth to Benjamin, and he buried her by the side of the Bethlehem Road where her tomb has been a shrine to this day: “And Rachel died, and was buried in the way to Ephrath, which is Bethlehem.” In that time, Bethlehem was a small, walled town erected on a hill in the northern part of …

Is there a place called Jerusalem in South Africa?

Oudtshoorn was known as “Little Jerusalem” and “The Jerusalem of South Africa.” On the High Holy Days most of the businesses in Oudtshoorn were closed, as they were Jewish owned. THE JEWS, meanwhile, started farming the ostriches and built huge sandstone houses, known as ostrich palaces, on their farms and in the town.

Who is Thabo Mofutsanyana?

Thabo Edwin Mofutsanyana was born in the Witsieshoek area in the Free State. He was a teacher, miner and journalist. Mofutsanyana became an active member of the Communist Party of South Africa and the African National Congress.

Which town is Dihlabeng local municipality?

Dihlabeng Local Municipality (FS192) Dihlabeng Local Municipality is part of Thabo Mofutsanyana District Municipality. Description: The Dihlabeng Local Municipality is a Category B municipality situated in the Thabo Mofutsanyana District in the Free State.

What was Christ’s nationality?

According to the Gospels, Jesus was a Jewish man born in Bethlehem and raised in the town of Nazareth, in Galilee (formerly Palestine, now northern Israel) during the first century A.D.