Which website is good for commercial real estate?

LoopNet. LoopNet, often considered the Zillow of commercial real estate, is one of the most recognized listing platform and marketplace. It offers a number of different types of commercial property including office, multifamily, industrial, retail, land, agricultural, hotel & motel, and residential income properties.

Can you legally live in a commercial property UK?

In short, yes you can live in a commercial property… but only if you convert its status to residential first. If you’d like to discuss how we can help you convert your commercial property into residential property, then get in touch.

What is the most popular property website?

Top Websites Ranking for Real Estate in the world

Rank Website Pages / Visit Average website pages viewed per visit
1 zillow.com 15.61
2 realtor.com 5.93
3 rightmove.co.uk 19.70
4 redfin.com 5.57

What are the commercial websites?

What is a Commercial Website? The commercial website may be considered any web platform that is used for the sale of retail items, any type of goods, or products that become available for sale for the general public. This is not only about products but also services. These days many companies sell services online.

Is CREXi better than LoopNet?

CREXi is a newer online commercial real estate marketplace in direct competition with LoopNet. Some say CREXi outperforms LoopNet when it comes to listings exposure. The CREXi platform provides easy-to-use tools to manage deals from listing to closing.

Can I turn a shop into a house?

Can I convert a commercial property into a home? Yes, you can convert a commercial property in a domestic home, however, you may require planning permission. If you decide to start renovating without it, you’ll be in planning breach which could cause future legal and/or financial problems.

How do I find a property in the UK?

Best Property Websites

  1. Website #1: Rightmove.
  2. Website #3: Rentify.
  3. Website #4: Nethouseprices.
  4. Website #5: Smart New Homes.
  5. Website #6: PrimeLocation.com.
  6. Website #7: Find Properly.
  7. Website #8: Waterside Properties.
  8. Website #9: UK Land Directory.

Does everyone use Rightmove?

Rightmove is by far the biggest property website in the UK, and every First Time Buyer should use that to discover properties for sale. However, it is not the only property website in the UK, and in addition, many agents do not use Rightmove at all or only use them partially.