Who are the members of the spazmatics?

The band members are: Zeek -Lead Vocals; Joey – Bass Guitar; Bjorn – Lead Guitar; and Ralphie – Drums. FROM THE SPAZMATICS OFFICIAL BIO! Yep, these zany guys from Austin, Texas, aren’t just another ’80s rock ‘n’ roll cover band.

How much do the spazmatics cost to book?

$7,000 – $10,000
The cost to book The Spazmatics is $7,000 – $10,000. This can vary based on the event details including location, time at the event and the band’s current schedule. Contact us for the most up to date quote.

Are the spazmatics and the hooligans the same band?

“We also have a British rock band called The Hooligans, and a 90’s Band called Anti Idol. All of these are cover bands. In addition, we all have our original bands: The Underground Rebels and Megaphone.

Are there multiple Spazmatics?

There are Spazmatics lineups based in Dallas, Austin, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Nashville, Tampa, Salt Lake City, Chicago, North Carolina, South Carolina, San Antonio and New York City.

What do the spazmatics sing?


  • Take On Me.
  • Whip It.
  • Jessie’s Girl.
  • Your Love.
  • A Million Miles Away.
  • Rebel Yell.
  • Video Killed The Radio Star.
  • Just Can’t Get Enough.

How many Spazmatics are there?

They perform favorite classic tunes from the ’80s, some from the ’90s and a little from the 2000s. “The Spazmatics” is actually part of a big franchise as there are nine such tribute bands around the country.

How many spazmatics are there?

What are the 3 squares in the villages?

There are now three vibrant town squares in The Villages; Spanish Springs Town Square, Brownwood Paddock Square and Lake Sumter Landing Market Square.

What kind of music is the spazmatics?

Part concert, part traditional resort show, The Spazmatics are a throwback to the 80s. The band members, each of whom has a dorky on-stage persona, play a myriad of popular songs from this decade of dance hits ranging from hip-hop highlights to pop classics.

How long have the spazmatics been around?

H: The original Spazmatics began in Los Angeles/Las Vegas in 1997. The general idea was to have a nerd theme inspired by the “Revenge of the Nerds” movie series and perform ’80s New Wave hits.

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