Who are the voice overs for the new Proud Family?

And in addition to Michael, we introduced two new characters to the show, one voiced by Keke Palmer, Maya, and her adopted brother (they’re both adopted) KG, his Wu-Tang name for King Great, who’s voiced by A Boogie wit da Hoodie, and from the hoodie, I like to say [Laughs].

Who plays the dad in proud family?

Tommy DavidsonOscar Proud / Played byThomas Davidson is an American comedian and actor. He was an original cast member on the sketch comedy TV show In Living Color, Mitchell on Between Brothers, Dexter on Malcolm & Eddie, Oscar Proud on The Proud Family, Rushon in Booty Call, Womack in Bamboozled, Black Dynamite and its subsequent television series. Wikipedia

Who voices Randall in proud family louder and prouder?

Billy PorterRandall Leibowitz-Jenkins / Voiced byBilly Porter is an American actor, singer, and author. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama, and achieved fame performing on Broadway before starting a solo career as a singer and actor.
Porter won the 2013 Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical for his role as Lola in Kinky Boots. Wikipedia

Who is the voice of Dijonay?

Karen Malina WhiteDijonay Jones / Voiced byKaren Malina White is an American film and television actress. White is best known for her roles as Kaneesha Carter, in the 1989 drama film Lean on Me, as Charmaine Brown during the two final seasons Wikipedia

Who is the voice of Oscar Proud 2022?

Tommy Davidson
Tommy Davidson voices Oscar Proud As for Davidson, fans may recognize his work from the original show or his turn as Cream Corn on the Black Dynamite TV series.

Who is the voice behind Oscar Proud?

Tommy DavidsonOscar Proud / Voiced by
She is the level-headed one in the family along with Suga Mama, though she can be bossy and jealous sometimes. Oscar Proud (voiced by Tommy Davidson): The overprotective father of Penny, BeBe and CeCe, husband of Trudy, younger brother of Bobby Proud and son of Suga Mama.

Who voices sir paid a lot?

Aries Spears
Aries Spears: Wizard Kelly, Sir-Paid-A-Lot, Li’l Wiz Jr.

Who voiced LaCienega Boulevardez?

Alisa ReyesLaCienega Boulevardez / Voiced by

Alisa Reyes — LaCienega Boulevardez Alisa Reyes took on the role of LaCienega Boulevardez, the school’s resident popular mean girl, in The Proud Family. Reyes, who built up her résumé with appearances in All That, One World, and Spyder Games, spent nearly 10 years on Passions.

Who voices Papi Boulevardez?

Álvaro GutiérrezThe Proud Family
Alvaro GuttierezThe Proud Family Movie
Papi Boulevardez/Voiced by

Who is the voice of shuggie proud family?

CeeLo Green
Shuggie (voiced by CeeLo Green): A giant panda that lives at the zoo who can talk, sing and play the guitar. He is named for Shuggie Otis, and he even sings Otis’s hit song “Strawberry Letter 23”.

Who was the voice of the Gross sisters?

The latest iteration is back with 98 percent of its original cast members. We had the opportunity to speak with the multifaceted actress, director and entrepreneur Raquel Lee Bolleau, who voices the Gross Sisters on the iconic animated series.

Who will voice louder and prouder on’the Proud Family’?

Actors Zachary Quinto (left) and Billy Porter will provide voices for “The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder.” “The Proud Family” is going to look a lot more diverse when it returns next year.

What episode of the Proud Family is father figures on?

“Father Figures” is the fourth episode of The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder. It premiered on March 9, 2022, on Disney+. When Penny discovers who Maya and KG ‘s pare nts are, she becomes the lone voice of tolerance in her community, butting heads with her father ‘s prejudices.

Who is the creator of the Proud Family?

ProductionEdit. The Proud Family was created by Walt Disney Animation Studios animator Bruce W. Smith and was produced by Jambalaya Studios. Originally piloted for Disney’s One Saturday Morning, then Nickelodeon, it was eventually picked up by Disney Channel and started airing in September 2001.

Did Nickelodeon ever show The Proud Family on TV?

An original pilot was made and produced by Nickelodeon in 1998 but was never shown to the public resulting in Nickelodeon passing the show on. Some of the later episodes of The Proud Family were produced using Adobe Flash.