Who bought ZoomCare?

PeaceHealth, the $2 billion Catholic health care system based in Vancouver, Washington, is acquiring Zoom+Care, the Portland-based chain of neighborhood “on demand” clinics.

Who started ZoomCare?

ZoomCare (stylized as ZOOM+care) is a Portland, Oregon-based chain of health care clinics. The company has 37 clinics in the U.S. states of Oregon and Washington, as of December 2018….ZoomCare.

Office building in Hillsboro, Oregon with ZoomCare’s corporate offices, 2010
Founded 2006
Founders Dave Sanders Albert DiPiero

Does PeaceHealth own zoom care?

PeaceHealth, a non-profit Catholic health system in the Pacific Northwest, recently announced its acquisition of ZOOM+Care®, a local leader in on-demand retail and digital health care services.

Is ZoomCare a nonprofit?

In Seattle, a key market for ZoomCare, a big force is the Tacoma-based nonprofit Multicare hospital system, with eight hospitals and 26 urgent care centers. In Portland, another key market for ZoomCare, nonprofit Legacy Health has taken another approach.

Who is the CEO of ZoomCare?

“After two years of rapid expansion, Jeff joins ZoomCare at the perfect time to evolve the company and its business operations to ensure continued growth and success in the changing healthcare landscape,” said Karl Carrier, chair of ZoomCare’s board and PeaceHealth’s Board of Directors.

Does Zoom have a foundation?

The ZOOM Foundation focuses its philanthropic investments on innovative change efforts that have high potential for sustainable impact, particularly in the areas of education, the environment, and democracy.

What is Video care?

Video Care OnDemand is a telehealth service, providing you with video access for non-emergency medical concerns. With OnDemand, you can connect to clinicians who are experienced in areas such as internal medicine and family practice from your smartphone, tablet (iPhone, iPad, Android device), or PC/MAC.

Does Zoom donate to nonprofits?

Pledgeling Technologies is OnZoom’s technology partner to power charitable donations through OnZoom. It is the leading charitable giving and crowdfunding platform for mission-driven brands, nonprofits, and individuals.

Is Zoom socially responsible?

Zoom believes in caring for our environment. We estimate that by enabling millions of users to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, our platform helped our customers reduce their CO2 emissions by more than 55 million metric tons in 2020 – roughly equal to taking 11 million cars off the road.