Who can officiate a civil union in Illinois?

Your civil union may be certified by a judge or retired judge of a court of record, a judge of the Court of Claims, a county clerk in a county having 2,000,000 or more residents, or a public official whose powers include solemnization of marriage.

What is the difference between civil union and marriage in Illinois?

Same Rights in Illinois as Marriage—Overall, civil unions grant partners the same rights and legal protections as married couples in Illinois. However, civil unions are not recognized by federal law.

Is Illinois a civil union state?

Illinois created civil unions in 2011. Then, Illinois legalized same-sex marriage in 2014. Previously, Illinois had outlawed same-sex marriage in 1996. This was after the Defense of Marriage Act banned same-sex spouses from getting federal benefits.

How do I convert my civil union to marriage in Illinois?

From June 1, 2014 to May 31, 2015, a couple can convert their civil union into a marriage. That marriage will be effective from the date of their original civil union. Simply apply for a marriage license and request to use the date of your civil union as your date of marriage.

How do I get a civil union certificate in Illinois?

Applying for a Civil Union License

  1. Appear together at one of the Clerk’s six Vital Records locations.
  2. Present valid identification with proof of age.
  3. Fill out and sign the civil license application.
  4. Pay the civil union license fee of $60.

How much does a civil union cost in Illinois?

The cost of applying for a civil union license varies by county, and is usually in the range of $15 to $40. Bring with you a form of identification, such as a birth certificate, driver’s license, or passport.

How do I file a civil union in Illinois?

What constitutes a civil union in Illinois?

Under Illinois’ law, a civil union is a legally recognized relationship of two people entered into by applying for and obtaining a state license from a county clerk’s office, having a formal ceremony, and having a confirming certificate issued by the clerk’s office.

What is the difference between marriage and civil union?

A civil union is a legal relationship between two people that provides legal protections to the couple only at the state level. A civil union is not a marriage, though. Civil unions do not provide federal protections, benefits, or responsibilities to couples, and a civil union may not be recognized by all states.

Can you still get a civil union in Illinois?

Both same-sex and different-sex couples can enter into a civil union. A couple in a civil union will receive all the legal benefits and protections, and be subject to the same legal responsibilities, as are provided under Illinois law to married couples. However, a civil union is not a marriage.

Can you have a civil partnership without a ceremony?

There are no further legal requirements and you don’t have to have a ceremony, although you can choose to have one if you want. Many local authorities will arrange for a ceremony in addition to the signing of the civil partnership document but they do not have to.