Who defeated Chaos King?

With everything set, Hercules, assisted by The Hulks, the dead Avengers and dead X-Men, went to battle The Chaos King one last time. When all seemed lost, Cho told Hercules to knock The Chaos King into the empty multiverse, which the god of evil destroyed, believing it to be the real multiverse.

Who is more powerful Odin or Galactus?

When looking at all the overpowered beings that Odin has bested (from Galactus to Mephisto), Odin might be the most powerful of them all.

Who is more powerful Galactus or the celestials?

While many fans think Galactus’ power pales in comparison to the Celestials, he’s actually shown that in a straight fight, he’s the deadlier being. As one of Marvel Comics’ most powerful entities, Galactus can overwhelm even the gravest threat – including the near-omnipotent Celestials themselves.

Can Hyperion Beat Galactus?

Without further warning, Hyperion blows right through Galactus’ head, flying straight into the behemoth’s face and bursting out the back of his skull without slowing down for a second, killing Galactus instantly.

Is there a Japanese god of chaos?

Amatsu-Mikaboshi (天津甕星) is the God of Evil, Chaos and the Stars to the followers of the Shinto religion in Japan. He is not actually an Amatsu-Kami but a primordial being who was imprisoned in Yomi, the Shinto underworld, for all eternity.

Who is the god of chaos in Marvel?

Amatsu-Mikaboshi, the Chaos King, is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character is usually depicted as a supervillain and demonic god of evil who is best known as an enemy of Hercules and Thor. He is based on the Mikaboshi of Japanese mythology.

Who can destroy Galactus?

15 Marvel Characters Who Could Defeat Galactus In Seconds

  • 15 Any Character Wielding The Infinity Gauntlet.
  • 14 Mr. Fantastic.
  • 13 The Phoenix Force.
  • 12 The Marvel Zombies.
  • 11 Silver Surfer.
  • 10 Squirrel Girl.
  • 9 The Living Tribunal.
  • 8 The Scarlet Witch.