Who has the highest points in Brainly?

Answer. Answer: The one who is Genius.

How do you increase your Brainly rank?

Ranks show Brainly users how active you are in the community. You need to accumulate a certain amount of points (in total) and Brainliest answers (in the last 30 days) to keep moving up the ranks.

How do you level up in Brainly?

How do I upgrade to Brainly Plus?

  1. You can upgrade to Brainly Plus at any time by clicking on the sidebar on the right of Brainly.com or in the app by clicking on the Subscription option.
  2. Once you’ve completed the sign-up process, your Brainly Plus subscription will be activated instantaneously.

Who is the Brainliest in Brainly?

The Brainliest Users are a special team of students who get access to a feed of the most popular or most asked questions on Brainly. The most popular questions are the ones that need the most attention and the best answer that anyone can give.

Which is the highest level in Brainly?

Explanation: GENIUS RANK is the highest of all these. we have many ranks like special ranks, wizard ranks, brainly stars benefactors and moderator. Returning to your question.

How many ranks are in Brainly?

There are two types of ranks on Brainly: Regular Ranks. Special Ranks.

What is ace on Brainly?

An Ace is an Expert on fire! These Brainly members are constantly active and have been with the site for a long time. If you expected brilliance from an Expert, imagine what an Ace has to offer! An Expert is a subject-level genius.

How do you become a Brainly moderator?

The first step to becoming a Moderator is to become a Trusted Helper If you’re active on Brainly and provide quality answers to help other users then you may be eligible. If you believe you qualify to become a Trusted Helper, you can apply today!

What is the points for in Brainly?

Every time you want to ask a question, you will need to choose a specific amount of points to spend, and also receive points for every question that you answer. The more points you give away, the greater your chances of getting an answer right away!

How do you become a Brainly challenger?

Answer: A user who has crossed 1500 answers with 150+ Brainliest becomes a Brainly challenger. You don’t need to apply for it. Whenever you are fit for the requirements, you automatically become a Brainly challenger.

What are special ranks in Brainly?

What are special ranks and how can I have them?

Brainly Master One who has two wizard ranks, has 3000+ answers, 10000 thanks
Brainlygoblin Has 2,50,000+ points
Brainly treasurer Has 5,00,000+ points and at least 500 brainliest
The Brainliest One who has 900+ Brainliest answers

How do you get verified on Brainly?

Verified Answers are ones that have a green checkmark illustrating that it has been vetted by Brainly’s content experts. These answers contain reliable and trustworthy information vouched by a hand-picked team of experts.