Who holds the Guinness record for fastest rapper?

He is best known for obtaining the title of the world’s official β€œFastest Rap MC” by Guinness World Records, for rapping 723 syllables in 51.27 seconds (14.1 syllables per second) on his track “New West”, in January 2005….

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Is Harry shotta faster than Eminem?

The US star held the world record for the most words crammed into a track with Rap God. That was until MC Harry Shotta turned up and smashed it out of the park. Eminem’s track broke the Guinness World record with 1,560 words in six minutes and four seconds.

Who is the fastest rapper in the world 2022?

Check out the list below to discover who this artist is and why he is recognised as the fasted in hip hop music. Is Twista the fastest rapper in the world? He is the fastest rapper in 2022. He was previously known as Tung Twista, and he started rapping at 12.

Did Eminem’s Godzilla break a record?

American rapper Juice Wrld’s feature on the track marked his first posthumous release following his fatal seizure resulting from a drug overdose on December 8, 2019. Eminem’s third verse on the track holds the record for his fastest rap verse, rapping 10.65 syllables per second, or 300 words in 30 seconds.

Who beat Eminem for fastest rap?

Em earned this honor by spitting 1,560 words on the fast-paced, mind-bending track, and Harry Shotta says that he’s topped that by fitting in 1,771 words in a six minute and 23 second song.

What is Eminem’s world record?

Eminem’s first appearance in the Guinness Book of World Records was in 2000 for being the “fastest-selling rap artist” with his third album The Marshall Mathers LP. Since then, he has earned multiple appearances, 11 at least as of March 2021, including his record title as the top-selling hip hop artist of all time.

Who raps faster Suga or RM?

Suga is considered as the fastest rapper in BTS and RM of BTS is the lead rapper.