Who is Bijan in Beverly Hills?

Bijan (designer)

Bijan Pakzad
Died 16 April 2011 (aged 71) Beverly Hills, California, U.S.
Nationality Iranian
Occupation Designer
Known for The most expensive menswear store in the world

How much is a suit from Bijan?

On YouTube, owner Nicolas Bijan proudly boasts about how much things in his shop cost. A tie can run a shopper as much as $1,000, while suits go for $25,000.

Who is the owner of Bijan?

Nicolas Bijan
Nicolas Bijan, co-owner of House of Bijan and son of the brand’s late founder, inside the current [+] Bijan started thinking about a move in 2016, which is the year they sold the current store in a real estate transaction for $122 million to French luxury conglomerate LVMH.

Is Nicolas Bijan married?

House of Bijan scion Nicolas Bijan and his wife, interior designer and The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills alumna Roxy Bijan, were prepared to make an offer on their Beverly Hills estate based solely on a friend’s description.

Why is Bijan so expensive?

Needless to say, most of the handbags from Bijan are custom-made while the ones on display are often limited editions. Only a few are made to maintain its exclusivity, so having handbags that may clash in design will be almost impossible! …and they usually spend about US$100,000 (approx. RM403,150) there.

Who wears Bijan house?

This club includes Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, Jeff Bezos, five of the last six presidents of the United States, and countless titans of industry, finance, culture and sport.

What does Roxy Bijan do?

After many months of this ping-ponging, we just decided to do it!” says Roxy. The best, and safest, option was to hold a wedding in the backyard of their Beverly Hills home—Roxy is an interior designer and Nicolas is the scion of Rodeo Drive’s glitziest boutique, the House of Bijan.

Who is Roxy Bijan married to?

Nicolas Bijan Pakzad
Roxy Sowlaty is now a married woman. The 32-year-old Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills star wed her longtime beau Nicolas Bijan Pakzad during a glamorous ceremony on Saturday.

How old is Roxy Sowlaty Bijan?

For the special day, Sowlaty, 32, wore a long-sleeved white wedding gown, while Bijan kept his look classic in a black tux.

How much does a Bijan handbag cost?

about US$100,000
The price of the Bijan bags are steep, mostly because they are made from exotic crocodile skin or kangaroo hide. A lower end crocodile Bijan purse is said to cost about US$100,000, while ties are priced at US$1,000 or more each.