Who is Clubfoot Karl?

Clubfoot Karl is a ranger or steward of the Night’s Watch. Although Clubfoot Karl does not appear in the television adaptation Game of Thrones, the character Karl Tanner, played by Burn Gorman, is based on both Clubfoot Karl and Dirk.

Who played Dirk in Game of Thrones?


My Rating
Appeared in 4 episodes
Season(s) 3 & 4
Origin Flea Bottom
Portrayed by Burn Gorman

Who kills Karl in Game of Thrones?

Jon snatches up Longclaw and drives her through the back of Karl’s head, killing him. Karl’s body is later burned along with those of the remaining mutineers and slain brothers inside the Keep at the behest of Craster’s women and to ensure that they cannot come back as Wights.

What caused the riot at Craster’s Keep?

It originated from a scission between brothers of the Night’s Watch led by Lord Commander Jeor Mormont, and resulted in his death at the hands of his own men. The mutiny is a blatant violation of two of most sacred Westerosi traditions, guest right and the oath of the Night’s Watch.

Who killed Commander Mormont?

76. Karl Tanner. The crow-turned-traitor is responsible for the death of Lord Commander Mormont. After those events, he and the other men who betrayed the Night’s Watch stayed at Craster’s Keep.

Who betrayed the night’s watch?

Olly decided to join the mutineers because he believed Jon has betrayed the Watch and that he had to stop him. “He [Jon] always comes back”.

How did Bran escape Craster’s Keep?

Locke attempts to escape with Bran, but is killed when Bran wargs into Hodor and snaps Locke’s neck. Bran tries to get Jon’s attention, but Jojen convinces him that Jon would try to stop them. Bran and his companions quietly escape as the raid continues. Jon Snow kills Karl Tanner inside the keep.

Was craster a Targaryen?

Unfortunately, it neglects to mention that Crasters father is Maester Aemon, and that Craster is a secret targaryen. He is the prince that was promised!

Why did Jon Snow Go to Craster’s Keep?

Jon enter​s Craster’s Keep to find Karl finishing off a loyal black brother. Karl taunts Jon while fighting him, mocking how he learned to fight with “honor” while growing up in a castle.