Who is Don Hany married to?

Alin SumarwataDon Hany / Spouse (m. 2011)Alin Sumarwata is an Iranian-born Australian actress, whose roles include May Stone in soap opera Home and Away, Sophia Angleton in East West 101 and Vanessa Villante in Neighbours, a role she played from 2012 to 2013, 2015 and 2019. Wikipedia

Is there another series of East West 101?

It has been sold to Israel and other countries in the Middle East. The second season finished airing on 24 November 2009, and a third season was announced and filmed in 2010. It began airing on SBS One on 20 April 2011….

East West 101
Genre Drama
Created by Steve Knapman Kris Wyld
Directed by Peter Andrikidis

Is there a season 4 of East West 101?

It’s official – series three of award-winning SBS crime drama East West 101 will be its last. The announcement was made today at the season launch by the network’s director of television and online content Matt Campbell.

How many episodes of East West 101 are there?

20East West 101 / Number of episodes

Is Don Hany still married?

Don Hany (born 18 September 1975) is an Australian actor….

Don Hany
Years active 1998–present
Known for Zane Malik in East West 101 Chris Havel in Offspring Spiros Georgiades in Tangle
Spouse(s) Alin Sumarwata (m. 2011)
Children 2

How old is Don Hany?

46 years (September 18, 1975)Don Hany / Age

How many seasons of East West 101 are there?

3East West 101 / Number of seasons

How can I watch East West?

East-West, a historical drama movie starring Sandrine Bonnaire, Oleg Menshikov, and Catherine Deneuve is available to stream now. Watch it on Prime Video or Apple TV on your Roku device.

How many seasons are there of East West 101?

Where can I watch East West 101?

Watch East West 101 On Acorn TV.

What nationality is Don Hany?

AustralianDon Hany / Nationality

When was East West 101 made?

December 6, 2007East West 101 / First episode date