Who is Eowyn in love with?

During the War of the Ring, Éowyn fell in love with Aragorn, who did not return his affections to her. She later disguised herself as a man and took Merry with her to the Battle of Pelennor Fields. She later destroyed the Witch king, with Merry helping her defeat him.

Is Eowyn a good character?

By and large, Eowyn is a pretty consistent character. She’s brave, spirited, stern, and can be quite cold – but she’s also extremely determined and sticks to what she wants. Her skills are pretty consistent too; she remains a good rider and fighter all throughout the series.

Is Eowyn Theoden’s daughter?

In The Two Towers, Éowyn, a daughter of the House of Eorl and the niece of King Théoden of Rohan, is introduced in Meduseld, the King’s hall at Edoras. She is the daughter of Éomund and Théodwyn (Théoden’s sister), and the sister of Éomer.

What happens to Eowyn in Lord of the Rings?

She met and fell in love with Faramir, who had likewise been injured before the battle. After the War of the Ring had ended, she decided to give up dreams of glory in battle and devote her life to peace and a happy marriage.

Who was Eowyn supposed to marry?

11 Tolkien originally intended Éowyn to marry Aragorn Originally, based on his notes, Tolkien intended for Éowyn to marry Aragorn.

What does Eowyn fear?

Aragorn : What do you fear, my lady? Eowyn : A cage. To stay behind bars until use and old age accept them and all chance of valor has gone beyond recall or desire.

How did Eowyn come back to life?

A thought I wanted to share and discuss with you all is the following: In the Houses of Healing, Aragorn was able to heal Faramir after his injury from the Southron’s arrow, but more impressively, he is able to heal Eowyn and Merry from their injuries sustained by the Witch-king of Angmar, Sauron’s greatest captain.

What did Eowyn say to Aragorn?

When everyone is in Edoras celebrating the victory at Helm’s Deep, Éowyn approaches Aragorn and gives him a cup to drink; after he leaves, Théoden comes up and says, “I’m happy for you. He is an honorable man.” They exchange a few words and he finishes the scene with, “…. Today is for you.”