Who is Janet King based on?

Janet King is a fictional character from the Australian ABC1 legal dramas Crownies and Janet King, played by Marta Dusseldorp. She debuted on-screen in the first episode of Crownies broadcast on 14 July 2011. To prepare, Dusseldorp researched legal cases and observed prosecutors in court.

Who plays Janet King’s father?

John Bach
John Bach was cast as Janet’s estranged father Graham King.

Is Marta Dusseldorp married?

Benjamin WinspearMarta Dusseldorp / Spouse

Is Crownies the same as Janet King?

Janet King is a ‘spin off’ series, incorporating a number of other characters from Crownies. We both enjoy this series which is well acted & scripted as well as being a superior Australian drama.

Who is Bao Long in Janet King?

Jason Chong
Janet King (TV Series 2014–2017) – Jason Chong as Bao Long – IMDb.

Is Janet King finished?

Janet King is an Australian legal and political television drama series airing on ABC1 since February 27, 2014.

Where is Janet King filmed?

But Dusseldorp, who was named best actress at this year’s Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards for her role as crown prosecutor Janet King, says the shoot in western Sydney provides a sense of authenticity. “Bankstown is such an incredibly diverse and eclectic and electric kind of place,” she says.

What nationality is Marta Dusseldorp?

AustralianMarta Dusseldorp / Nationality

What nationality is Ben Winspear?

AustralianBenjamin Winspear / Nationality

What is a Crownie?

A crownie is a decadent treat that blends the best of a cookie and a brownie in one muffin tin.

Who leaked the file in Crownies?

When David’s informed that former Attorney General, Nicholas Quinn has died peacefully at home, he’s left reeling, having invested so much in attempting to bring him to justice. Julie tells Ben that she leaked the AG file.

How many seasons of Crownies are there?

1Crownies / Number of seasons