Who is Lee Min-ho sister?

Lee Yun-jeongLee Min-ho / Sister
Personal life. Lee has an elder sister, Yun-jeong, who is the co-founder and CEO of his current agency MYM Entertainment.

What is the meaning of Lee Min-ho?

Deleted user. 6 Aug 2017. “Lee min ho” is one of the male names in korea and “Lee” is his surname and “min ho” is his name. And I think the name is a common name in Korea, and it’s easy to call and the meaning of the name is most common. “min ho”means that we understand each other in a wide circle of ways.

Who is Lee Min Ho real brother?


Name Lee min-ho
Sister Lee joung Jung
Brother No
Profession Actor,model and singer
Zodiac Sign Cancer

Do Lee Min-ho have a child?

Lee Min-ho (born 22 June 1987) is a cultivated South Korean actor, model, entertainer, TV personality, and artist….

Lee Min-ho
Girlfriend • Partner: Kim Hee-sun (ex.), Park Min-young (ex.), Bae Suzy (ex.), Yeonwoo (curr.)
Children: 1
Occupation: Actor • Model
Net Worth: US$12 million

Is Lee Min ho in a relationship with Kang Min Kyung?

Lee Min Ho’s representative clarifyrumored relationship between Min ho and Kang Min Kyung: “Those rumours are not true.” Status: Rumored. Lee min Ho and Suzy Bae formally approved their relationship by both of their offices in March 2015. After on month of relationship, Suzy Bae describe Min ho as a person who is full of empathy and a warm heart.

Did Lee Byung hun and Jung Kyung ho date?

She is best known for playing the role of Ha Jae Kyung in the popular 2009 idol drama Boys Over Flowers (BOF). Her first TV series lead role was in Smile, You; she portrayed Seo Jeong In, Jung Kyung Ho’s partner. In 2006, well before her iconic BOF role, Lee briefly dated actor Lee Byung Hun, who is 13 years her senior.

Is Lee Min ho the best Korean actor in France?

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Was Lee Min ho surprised by drama’s popularity in China?

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