Who is the CEO of Aya Healthcare?

Alan Braynin –
Alan Braynin – CEO – Aya Healthcare | LinkedIn.

Who is the founder of Aya?

Yajurv Gupta – Founder & CEO – AYA’S | LinkedIn.

Does Aya own Qualivis?

Qualivis, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aya Healthcare, has completed the purchase of the Associated Purchasing Services (APS) Staffing Program. APS is a joint venture of the Kansas Hospital Association and the Missouri Hospital Association. The acquisition closed on June 27th, 2020.

Is Aya Healthcare a public company?

About Aya Healthcare Aya Healthcare is reimagining healthcare staffing and workforce solutions in the United States. We are the largest privately held travel nurse and workforce solutions provider and deliver solutions for all aspects of healthcare staffing including locums, allied health and just-in-time local staff.

Is Aya Healthcare for profit?

Aya Clinical Services Dramatically Improves Outcomes for Large California Health System. Since May of 2015, Aya Healthcare has filled open nurse roles at a nonprofit healthcare system that treats more than half a million patients in California annually.

Where is Aya Healthcare based?

Aya Healthcare is headquartered in San Diego, CA and has 17 offices located throughout the US.

Who owns Qualivis?

Aya HealthcareQualivis LLC / Parent organization

What is the Chesapeake Registry?

The Chesapeake Registry Program was originally established by the Maryland Hospital Association to assist healthcare facilities with supplemental staffing needs through contracts with selected nursing and allied health agencies.

How much does Aya match 401k?

Aya Healthcare The company offers a matching 401(k), and after a year you’re eligible for matching. Aya will match your contributions dollar-for-dollar for the first 3%, and 50 cents for every dollar on the next 2%.

Does Aya have 401k?

401k Plan. You can enroll and contribute to your 401k on the first of the month following eligibility, which is working 4 consecutive months or one year from your original hire date (with at least 1,000 hours worked). After a year (with at least 1,000 hours worked) you’re eligible for matching!

Who is Aya healthcare competitors?

Aya Healthcare Competitors & Alternatives

Competitor Name Revenue Number of Employees
#1 Host Healthcare $354.2M 937
#2 HCA Healthcare $57980M 68910
#3 Trustaff $263.8M 1570
#4 GHR Travel Nurs… $14.6M 122

Is Aya Joint Commission certified?

As a result of Aya’s Joint Commission certified, stringent travel nurse staffing process and commitment to excellence, the medical center’s clinical cancellations are well below industry standards and over 16% of the EMR conversion travelers signed extended assignment contracts in order to provide ongoing care for …