Who is the Croatian God?

Veles (god)

God of the underworld, earth, waters, music, magic, trickery, cattle and wealth, snakes, bears, wolves.
Veles, Marek Hapon, 2014
Symbol Willow, bear, wolf, snake, dragon, owl
Festivals The Festival of Veles

Does Croatia have gods?

At a first glance, the Pantheon of gods specifically worshiped in Croatia may seem confusing and vast. There are countless different deities varying from tribe to tribe, some of them actually the same gods with different names, other times completely unique beings specific to the tribe or village.

What is Veles the God of?

Veles, or Volos, is the name of the pre-Christian Slavic God of Cattle, who in addition to his role as protector of domestic animals, was also the God of the Underworld and the bitter enemy of Perun, the Slavic God of Thunder.

Who is the Serbian god?

SVETOVID. There are reliable historical data from the ninth century, and the great Serbian holiday of Vidovdan, indicating that Svetovid was the supreme god of the Serbs. In the 19th century, the ruins of a magnificent temple made of wood with a statue of the Universe were discovered.

What are the Slavic gods called?

Some Slavic deities are related to Baltic mythology: Perun/Perkūnas, Veles/Velnias, Rod/Dievas, Yarilo/Saulė. There was an evident continuity between the beliefs of the East Slavs, West Slavs and South Slavs.

What religion were Croats?

A majority of Croatians identified with Christianity, with 86.3% identifying as Roman Catholic and 4.4% identifying as Eastern Orthodox . Of the remaining population, 1.5% identified as Muslim, 1.5% identified with some other religion, 3.8% identified as non-religious or atheist and 2.5% did not specify (est.

Is Veles Odin?

Furthermore, the two aspects of Veles-Volos have close parallels in individual gods of other Indo-European pantheons, such as the Baltic Vels and Velinas, the Germanic Odin, the Indic Varuna, and the Iranian Ahura Mazdā.

Are there any Russian gods?

Svarog, the Fire God Svarog is associated with smithcraft and the forge. Perhaps most importantly, he is a powerful god who is given credit for creating the world. In some parts of the Slavic world, Svarog is blended with Perun to form an all-powerful father god.

Who were the Slavic pagan gods?

The 10 Most Important Slavic Gods

  • Perun, the God of Thunder.
  • Dzbog, the God of Fortune.
  • Veles, the Shapeshifter.
  • Belobog and Czernobog.
  • Lada, Goddess of Love and Beauty.
  • Marzanna, the Goddess of Winter and Death.
  • Mokosh, the Fertility Goddess.
  • Svarog, the Fire God.