Who is the current 8-Ball Pool Champion?

The Scorpions of Joliet, Ill., defeated Must Be Niiice of Stratford, Conn., in the finals of the 2020-2021 World 8-Ball Championship. The victory earned the Scorpions $50,000 in 1st Place prize money, while Must Be Niiice took home $25,000 as Runners-Up.

Who is the best 8-ball pool player in the world?

Willie Mosconi
Willie Mosconi holds the record for potting over 526 balls without missing a single pocket! Willie also managed to bag a total of 15 World Straight Pool championships throughout his career.

Who won World Pool 2021?

Shane Van Boening collects £60,000 in prize money after becoming the first American to lift the title since Earl Strickland in 2002; the South Dakota Kid beats Albin Ouschan to win World Pool Championship in Milton Keynes.

Who won the most Pool World Championship?

Men’s champions Earl Strickland holds the record for winning the WPA World Nine-ball championship the most times: three (1990, 1991, 2002).

Who is the greatest pool player of all time?

Efren Reyes

Nickname “The Magician”, “Bata”
Professional 1978
Pool games Nine-ball, Eight-ball, One-pocket, Rotation, Cushion Billiards
Tournament wins
World Champion Nine-ball (1999), Eight-ball (1995, 1996, 2004, 2006)

Who won 9 ball world?

Shane Van Boening
WPA World Nine-ball Championship

Current season, competition or edition: 2022 WPA World Nine-ball Championship
Sport Pool
Founder World Pool-Billiard Association
Most recent champion(s) Shane Van Boening (2022)
Related competitions Eight-ball, Ten-ball

Who is the best 9-ball player?

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Rank Player 9-BALL WC 2022
1 Van Boening, Shane 8050
2 Immonen, Mika 3220
3 Ouschan, Albin 7245
4 Oi, Naoyuki 4025