Who is the editor of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel?

George Stanley
George Stanley George is editor of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and regional editor of the USA TODAY Network-Wisconsin. Before becoming editor in 2015, George was managing editor in charge of news operations, a post he had held since since 1997.

Where is the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel located?

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is a daily morning broadsheet printed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where it is the primary newspaper. It is also the largest newspaper in the state of Wisconsin, where it is widely distributed….Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Front page of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Type Daily newspaper
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What is the Milwaukee newspaper called?

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, daily newspaper published in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is regarded as Wisconsin’s leading newspaper and generally accounted as one of the great regional dailies of the United States. The paper was founded in 1882 by Lucius W.

How do I contact the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel?

How do I contact Customer Service? To get help with your account or subscription, call 1-844-900-7103 or chat online here.

How much does the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel cost?

The current price of $62.01 took effect in September 2020 and at the time represented a 10% increase from the previous rate of $56 per month. GAIN ACCESS TO EVERY LOCAL INSIGHT, LEAD AND MORE! In addition to the $67 per month, subscribers will pay taxes and premium-edition charges, the price-increase letter said.

How much is a Journal Sentinel?

After your free trial, you will be charged $5.00 for the first month of your subscription. After that, your subscription will automatically renew at $6.99 per month until you cancel.

How do I order a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel?

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Subscription Offers, Specials, and Discounts. Need help? Call 1-844-900-7103 and give offer code W-P9 to subscribe now.

What happened to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel?

Newspaper publisher Gannett announced March 14 it would move the printing of its 11 Wisconsin newspapers, including the Journal Sentinel, to its printing plant in Peoria, Illinois. More:Gannett to close West Milwaukee printing plant. The Journal Sentinel and 10 other Wisconsin papers will be printed in Peoria.

Where can I buy a copy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel?

Visit www.jsonline.com/archives to search and order copies of the newspaper.

How much does the Journal Sentinel cost?