Who is the leader of the vandals?

Gaiseric, also spelled Genseric, (died 477), king of the Vandals and the Alani (428–477) who conquered a large part of Roman Africa and in 455 sacked Rome.

What did Genseric do?

He was incompetent and a bloodthirsty tyrant who murdered several members of his own family, possibly including at least one of his brothers, and allowed the powerful fleet to go to pot. The most capable son of Gaiseric, Gento, died sometime between 469 and 477, while his father was still living.

Why did Gaiseric take eudoxia as hostage?

Why did Gaiseric (the Vandal chief) want Eudoxia (the empress)? Having her as his hostage would bring him prestige and link him to the the most powerful position in Rome.

What did Gaiseric look like?

Jordanes described Gaiseric in the following manner: Gaiseric…was a man of moderate height and lame in consequence of a fall from his horse.

Where are the vandals today?

In the words of historian Roger Collins: “The remaining Vandals were then shipped back to Constantinople to be absorbed into the imperial army. As a distinct ethnic unit they disappeared”. Some of the few Vandals remained at North Africa while more migrated back to Spain.

Who was the last Vandal king?

Gelimer, (flourished 6th century), last Vandal king (ruled 530–534) of the area called by the Romans “Africa” (roughly, modern Tunisia).

What religion did the Vandals believe in?

The Vandals followed a type of Christianity known as “Arianism,” which the Romans considered to be heretical. “Arianism was the teaching of the priest Arius (250-336), who lived in Alexandria, Egypt, in the early fourth century. His main belief was that the Son, Jesus, had been created by his father, God.

Is the skeleton knight Guts?

Skull Knight’s role in the story has been mostly as a parallel to Guts, with his relationship to the God Hand member Void mirroring that of Femto and Guts. For the Skull Knight, losing his kingdom and lover caused him to walk the dark path of revenge.