Who is the longest character in Neighbours?

Lou Carpenter was the longest serving continuous character until his 2016 exit, having appeared since 1992. Karl and Susan Kennedy are the current longest serving continuous characters with 28 years on screen.

Who is Shay quill in Neighbours?

Yasmin Kassim was born on May 21 in Perth, Western Australia. Yasmin stars opposite Daniel Radcliffe in ‘Jungle’ directed by ‘Wolf Creek’ creator Greg McLean along with Joel Jackson and Alex Russell. Prior to this Yasmin played the popular character ‘Shay Quill’ on iconic Australian soap opera ‘Neighbours.

What happened to Daphne from Neighbours?

Daphne was originally a stripper who fell from Des in Episode 1. She was good friends with Zoe Davis. In 1988 Daphne died in a car accident. Daphne was played by Elaine Smith.

Who was the original Jim in Neighbours?

Alan DaleJim Robinson / Played by

Where is Neighbours filmed?

Pin Oak Court
Neighbours has been filmed in Pin Oak Court since the series began in 1985 and it has since become popular with tourists. Tours to the cul-de-sac run throughout the year. The interior scenes are filmed at the Global Television studios in Forest Hill, the adjoining suburb in which Pin Oak Court is located.

Are Karl and Susan still together?

Susan Hill of the Daily Star revealed Karl and Susan were to separate following a make-or-break holiday. Their decision leaves Malcolm devastated and he takes his anger out on his mother, but Karl then admits it was his decision to end the marriage.

Who was Courtney in Neighbours?

Courtney Grixti was a character in Neighbours who was first seen in 2015 and her last appearance to date was in Episode 7741 – 27 November 2017. She is the daughter of shoddy lawyer Tim Collins. Courtney was played by Emma Lane.

Why did Elaine Smith leave Neighbours?

Departure and death Smith also believed that the role no longer offered her variety and she did not want to stay to be bored, but comfortable. As Daphne was one of Neighbours’ most popular characters, the producers chose not to kill her off.

What happened to Des from Neighbours?

In 1987, Smith decided to leave Neighbours. She and the producers agreed that viewers would not accept a break-up between Des and Daphne, so they killed the character off.