Who is the owner of Manikchand Gutka?

Profile. This group was founded by Mr Rasik ‘Manikchand’ Dhariwal from a small town Shirur-Ghodnadi and named after his father ‘Manikchand’. It is Headquartered in Pune, the Manikchand Group is a privately owned group of industries in India.

Who is Rasiklal Manikchand Dhariwal?

Rasiklal M Dhariwal, chairman of the board at Manikchand Group, died at hospital here on Tuesday night. He was 78. Dhariwal was undergoing treatment for advanced parotid cancer, or salivary gland cancer, when he was detected with pneumonia and admitted to Ruby Hall Clinic hospital here.

Who is Janhavi Dhariwal?

Janhavi is the daughter of the late Rasiklal Manikchand Dhariwal and the CMD of business group Manikchand Oxyrich. Punit and Janhavi’s wedding was attended by Marathi film stars, sports personalities and filmmakers. Punit has been sharing pictures from his wedding event on his Instagram account.

Who is the owner of Vimal Elaichi?

Vimal Elaichi is owned by the Manikchand Group, a privately owned group of industries in India headquartered in Pune. It primarily started out as a company that produced chewable tobacco products called ‘Gutkha’.

Who is the owner of RMD pan masala?

The Pan Masala Division of the Dhariwal Industries Ltd., a company under the brand leadership of the Manikchand Group, manufactures Tobacco, Pan Masala and Mouth Fresheners. We pioneered Jarda way back in 1959 in food grade poly packs.

Who is owner of Vimal Elaichi?

Who is Kishore Wadhwani?

Dr. Kishore Wadhwani is one of the Leading Businessman, Investor and Philanthropy in our Country. Who is the Founder Person, Chairman & Managing Director of many Organizations and Member of Charitable and Public Welfare Trusts.

How much is Akshay paid for Vimal?

Akshay has been getting a lot of flak for his controversial choice of endorsing Vimal along with SRK and Ajay Devgn. However, his other ads include Dollar, Tata Motors, Harpic, Policy Bazaar, and so many others. The popular actor reportedly charges a sum of Rs 8 Crore to Rs 10 Crore per ad.