Who is the owner of Wild Stone?

Shri Narendra Kumar Daga
McNROE Consumer Products Pvt Ltd is the brainchild of Shri Narendra Kumar Daga. Also known as India’s Perfumery Genius, he is the creator of celebrated fragrances like WILD STONE RED, GREY & CODE Steel amongst others.

Who played Kunal in Wild Stone ad?

This is how Wild Stone unravelled the plot in its last perfume launch which was very successful. The key memory hook was a man shouting ‘ Kunaaal’, when he notices the lingering smell from his office junior, on his daughter the next morning. Watch the spot: Ranju K.

Is Wild Stone an Indian brand?

Kolkata-based McNroe Consumer Products, owners of the Wild Stone brand, is looking to consolidate its presence in the men’s deodorant market through new fragrances. Wild Stone is the second largest brand in the ₹2,500-crore men’s deo market in India. The brand offers perfumes, talcum powders and soaps.

What is the price of Wild Stone soap?

Other Wild Stone Body and Skin Care

Product Name Price in India
Wild stone shop Forest Spice ₹ 35
Wild Stone Soap, 75g Each (Ws_75g)-Set of 4 ₹ 120
Wild Stone Shop Forest Spice Soap – Pack of 3 ₹ 150
Wild stone shop Ultra Sensual (Pack Of 2) ₹ 299

Which wild stone perfume is best for men?

Best Value. Wild Stone Forest Spice Perfume – 50 ml. For Men. 4.1. (527) ₹242.

  • Wild Stone Edge and Hydra Energy Perfume Combo for Men For Men. 4.2. (977) ₹359. ₹498.
  • Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Perfume Eau de Parfum For Men For Men. 4.2. (1,130) ₹431. 28% off.
  • Wild Stone Night Rider Eau de Parfum – 100 ml. For Men. (7,959) ₹479.
  • What is the price of Wild Stone perfume?

    Wild Stone Edge Perfume for Men, 50ml

    M.R.P.: ₹399.00
    Deal of the Day: ₹279.00 (₹5.58 / millilitre)
    Ends in 17 days Deal has ended
    You Save: ₹120.00 (30%)
    Inclusive of all taxes

    Is Wild Stone soap good for face?

    Avoid using your soap for your face. Use a good face wash like Wild Stone facewash for men instead.

    Is Wild Stone soap only for men?

    Wild Stone For All Your Personal Hygiene Needs Not only perfumes and deodorants, Wild Stone also offers a range of soaps, exclusively designed for men.

    Is Wild Stone long lasting?

    This deodorant is safe to use on skin and lasts for a long time.

    Which is best perfume in wild stone?

    Top 10 Wild Stone Perfumes

    Perfumes NAME PRICE
    Wild Stone Thrill Deodorant 120ml (Pack of 2) Rs.399
    Wild Stone Thrill Deodorant 120ml (Pack of 3) Rs.589
    Wild Stone Thunder, Forest Spice Deodorant (Pack of 2) 150ml Each Rs.380
    Wild Stone Chrome, Stone Deodorant (Pack of 2) 120ml Each Rs.500