Who is the sheriff for Schoharie County?

Ronald Stevens
Ronald Stevens, Sheriff Ron Stevens became Sheriff of Schoharie County in 2018. Prior to that, Sheriff Stevens served as Schoharie County Undersheriff for 7 years.

What region is Schoharie County?

Schoharie County is in central New York State, west of Albany and southeast of Utica. Much of the southern portion of the county lies within the Catskill Mountains.

Who is the Schoharie County judge?

Bartlett, III is a judge for the Schoharie County Court, the Schoharie County Family Court, and the Schoharie County Surrogate’s Court in New York.

Is Schoharie NY A good place to live?

Cute, small town. Everyone knows each other, and it is a friendly environment. I have grown up here my whole life, attended school here since pre-k, and made all of my memories and friends growing up here. My family has always lived in Schoharie, and my parents, as well as grandparents were also from Schoharie.

What is Schoharie County known for?

Schoharie County boasts several attractions including Howe Caverns, Secret Caverns, Vroman’s Nose hiking trail, Dr. Best House & Medical Museum, Iroquois Indian Museum, Landis Arboretum, and the Gilboa Museum, which features Devonian period fossils and historic artifacts.

How do you pronounce Schoharie?

Schoharie, New York – Schoharie ( skoh-HAIR-ee) is a town in Schoharie County, New York.

What are the original six towns of Schoharie County?

Established as a town in Albany County in 1788, it became the founding town of the newly created Schoharie County in 1795. In 1797, part of the town was used to form the towns of Blenheim, Broome, Cobleskill, and Middleburgh.

Where did the name Schoharie come from?

The name “Schoharie” is of Native American decent, derived from a tribe of Mohawks who inhabited the Schoharie Valley area before the arrival of the Europeans. It is thought to be a word meaning “driftwood”.

Where did the Schoharie Mohawks live?

Description of the beautiful region of the watershed of the Mohawk River, in which the Palatines settled in 1712 — Origin of the name Schoharie. The Schoharie Valley, in which the Palatine Germans settled in 1712, forms one of the most beautiful and interesting regions of the Mohawk Valley.