Who kills Olivia in hit the floor?

Lionel tells Sloane that she manipulated her into incriminating Oscar so Lionel could get rid of him and take over the team. Jelena’s price for helping Lionel is Ahsha being fired from the Devil Girls. German is revealed to be the person who killed Olivia, after intercepting one of her red envelopes meant for Ahsha.

Does Terence have a baby hit the floor?

Jelena (Logan Browning) and Terrence’s happiness took a hit. A girl named Rennae came into picture and said she was carrying Terrence’s child. Jelena got the girl to take a paternity test and the results came out positive.

What happened to ahsha on hit the floor Season 3?

Ahsha’s naïve self runs home to see German and almost confesses that she slept with Derek out of fear that this is the distraction that caused the accident, but before she gets that death blow of a secret out, German reveals that he killed Olivia, which is why he had been acting so strange and uptight.

What happened to Terrence and Jelena?

Terrence ends up finding out and breaks up with her. She took control over Devil’s arena and Oscar’s position by stealing the company from him. She is now owner of the Devils and no longer engaged to Terrence Wall. Due to her dangerous power control, Sloane Hayes ends up shooting her.

Does German confess to killing Olivia?

Last week, we saw German get emotional and reveal to Ahsha that he was the one who killed Olivia. This week we picked back up with that revelation, but German offered an explanation. He didn’t kill Olivia with malicious intent. It was a confrontation turned accident.

Does German go to jail for killing Olivia?

It’s all in the recap below! German is promptly arrested for the murder of Olivia and Sloane asks Ahsha what Olivia had over her. She tells them that she didn’t win all-star and didn’t tell them because she was supposed to be the “good girl”.

Did Terrence and Jelena get married?

Terrence is the husband of Devils Girl Captain Jelena Howard, he is also the best friend of team mate Derek Roman.

What happened to Sloane on hit the floor?

In the final episode of the first season “Turnover” as part of his deal with Jelena, Oscar replaces Olivia with Sloane as director of the Devil Girls. Sloane only agrees because she is secretly working with the league.

Does Asha come back to Hit the Floor?

Both Zero (Adam Senn) and Ahsha Hayes (Taylour Paige) won’t be returning for Hit the Floor Season 4. This means fans won’t be getting their Zude-scenes and Derek won’t get to interact with his wife, Ahsha.

What happened to Raquel hit the floor?

Devils Nation lost a fan favorite last night when Raquel Saldana, played by Valery Ortiz, succumbed to a heart condition on the penultimate episode of Hit The Floor’s third season.

What happened to Ahsha hit the floor?

Derek and Ahsha marry and have a son. Zero and Jude marry and have a daughter. Jelena and Terrence get back together, too.