Who lives in Darien National Park?

Indigenous inhabitants The park is one of the few examples remaining in the world of a protected area inhabited by humans. To this day two Native tribes dwell in the park. Visitors usually fly into El Real, the closest town to the park.

What two native tribes live in Darien National Park?

Darien National Park is one of the few protected areas in the world still inhabited by humans. Two native tribes remain inside the park boundaries, the Embera and Kuna peoples. These indigenous tribes in the park make conservation of the forest and its wildlife literally a life or death situation – for humans.

What is the closest city to Darien National Park?

From Panama City, fly to El Real, the closest community to the park. For something a bit more adventurous, travel by road to the community of Yaviza, and then continue to El Real by boat.

Where is the Darian Gap?

The Darien Gap is a remote, road-less swath of jungle on the border of Panama & Colombia. Known as a smuggling corridor between the two countries, it’s rarely seen by outsiders.

Why is there no road through the Darien Gap?

Roadbuilding through this area is expensive, and the environmental cost is high. Political consensus in favor of road construction has not emerged. Consequently there is no road connection through the DariƩn Gap connecting North America with South America and it is the missing link of the Pan-American Highway.

Are there crocodiles in the Darien Gap?

THE Darien Gap is a place only the desperate, stupid or curious dare venture. Straddling the border of Panama and Colombia, it’s a region of treacherous jungle and swamps filled with venomous snakes and spiders, jaguars and crocodiles.

Is Darien National Park Safe?

“The Darien has a dangerous reputation, even among locals in Panama,” Karsten said. “Drug smuggling and human trafficking are a big problem, and several tourists have been kidnapped or killed over the years by drug gangs and paramilitary groups that hide out in this super remote and largely ignored wilderness.”

Can you drive from Panama to Colombia?

Even though geographically North and South America are connected by land, on the edge between Panama and Colombia there is no road linking the two countries and continents therefor you cannot drive from one continent to the other.

Is Darien Gap safe?

It’s one of the most dangerous stretches for people in the world, so crossing the Darien Gap is not advised. It is advisable if you’re looking to travel between Colombia and Panama that you seek alternative plans such as an international flight or look into the ferry services that are available.