Who lives in Pensmore mansion?

owner Steven T. Huff
For now, owner Steven T. Huff, 64, a Missouri boy who made good first for the CIA and then for himself, is living in the part of the house that is done, but that’s 20,000 square feet, so he’s not exactly tripping over boxes. His new place is called Chateau Pensmore.

How big is the Pensmore mansion?

72,000 square feet
Pensmore is a 72,000 square feet (6,700 m2) home in the Ozark Mountains near Highlandville, Missouri. One of the largest homes in the United States, it has five stories, contains 14 baths, 13 bedrooms, has exterior walls 12 inches thick, and was designed to survive earthquakes, tornadoes, and bomb blasts.

Who owns the castle in Branson MO?

Steven T. Huff Family
Steven T. Huff Family, LLC — which is owned solely by Steven T. Huff — is seeking $63 million from two companies that helped build the 72,000-square-foot castle, court documents show.

Whats the most expensive home in Missouri?

An enormous mansion with carnival rides in the backyard currently holds the title of Missouri’s most expensive home. On the market for $20 million, the 20,550-square-foot home in the west St. Louis suburb of Wentzville is built for everyday living.

Who owns the castle in Ozark MO?

Owner Steven T. Huff
Owner Steven T. Huff told The Star in 2015 that the house should stand for 2,000 years.

Who owns the Evergreen mansion in Missouri?

philanthropist Robert Plaster
A ginormous lakeside mansion spread across almost 25,000 square feet has hit the market in Branson, Missouri, for a hefty $80 million. Its owner, the late philanthropist Robert Plaster, left the mansion “for college funds for students,” real estate agent Ken Coleman said, according to KFOR.

Who built Pensmore?

Steven Huff family
The Steven Huff family is asking for $63 million in damages and for specific performance, which would require the defendant to tear down and build Pensmore back right. The case is set for a jury trial in federal court November 14th.

Are there mansions in Missouri?

Missouri is home for a surprising number of mega-mansions. From historic Victorian-era style homes… to castles…. to multi-million dollar modern masterpieces, these massive homes are all across the state.