Who married Draupadi in Mahabharat?

The exile is followed by the Kurukshetra War, where Draupadi loses her father, brothers and her five children….

Siblings Dhristadyumna (twin-brother) Satyajit (brother) Shikhandi (sister turned brother)
Spouse Pandavas Yudhishthira Bhima Arjuna Nakula Sahadeva

Was Draupadi married to all Pandavas?

Yes. Draupadi married all five brothers Yudhishtr,Bhima,Arjuna,Nakula,Sahadeva individually,one marrige to a brother at one time and all five marriges happened.

What was the form of Draupadi marriage during Mahabharata era?

She is one of the most important characters of the Indian epic – Mahabharata. King Dhrupada had organised a Swayamvar for his daughter so that he could get her married to the best archer and the most talented man on earth, whose perseverance and determination was matchless.

How was Draupadi married life?

Stories are told of how Draupadi came to have five husbands. Explanations are needed for a culture desperate to explain such a discomforting practice. One story goes that in her past life she was a sage’s wife; her insatiable sexual appetite led him to curse her that in her next life she would have five husbands.

How is Draupadi described in Mahabharata?

Draupadi is described to be extremely beautiful. Vyasa —the author of the Mahabharata —describes her having a dark complexion, lotus-like eyes, beautiful copper nails, dark curly hair and an enchanting fragrance like that of a blue lotus. Mahabharata includes an exceedingly flattering description of Draupadi as she arose from the fire,

How many husbands did Draupadi have?

Thus, begins the unique journey of Draupadi with five husbands.. The brothers agreed that none should intrude if Draupadi was alone with one of the others, the penalty for doing so being 12 years to be spent in exile.

Why did Draupadi refuse to marry Karna?

Some renditions show Draupadi refusing to marry Karna on account of being a Suta, while some other versions describe him failing to string the bow by the “breadth of a hair”. In the end, Arjuna succeeds in the task, dressed as a Brahmin.

How did Jayadradtha force Draupadi to desert her husband?

Jayadratha met Draupadi and then started beseeching her to go away with him and desert her husband. Draupadi pointed out the immorality of deserting one’s spouses when they were in difficulty and attempted to stall and dissuade Jayadradtha by describing how the Pandavas would punish him. Failing with words, Jayadratha forced her onto his chariot.