Who originally sang I am your lady?

Air Supply version

“The Power of Love (You Are My Lady)”
Songwriter(s) Gunther Mende Candy DeRouge Jennifer Rush Mary Susan Applegate
Producer(s) Peter Collins
Air Supply singles chronology
“Just as I Am” (1985) “The Power of Love (You Are My Lady)” (1985) “Lonely Is the Night” (1986)

Who wrote The Power of Love by Celine Dion?

Jennifer Rush
Gunther MendeCandy de RougeMary Susan Applegate
The Power Of Love/Composers

What is the meaning of The Power of Love?

The power of love, on the other hand, is simply the desire to be with the person with whom you are in love because you enjoy their company and all the sizzle that goes with it. You don’t want or need to control them, you just enjoy them.

How many number 1 songs does Celine Dion have?

Dion is also recognized as the “Queen of Adult Contemporary”. She has scored 11 number one hits on Adult Contemporary chart, the most for any female recording artists in history. Additionally, she has spent a staggering 87 weeks at the top position of the chart, the most for any artists ever.

Who Wrote power of love?

Candy de RougeGunther MendeMary Susan Applegate

What film is power of love from?

Back to the FutureThe Power of Love / Movie

Is Jennifer Rush still singing?

Jennifer Rush (born Heidi Stern; September 28, 1960) is an American singer and songwriter….

Jennifer Rush
Genres Pop pop rock adult contemporary
Occupation(s) Singer songwriter
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1979–present

What nationality is Jennifer Rush?

Jennifer Rush/Nationality

Is Dion from mafs in a relationship?

Married At First Sight Australia’s Dion Giannarelli has confirmed that he is in a new relationship after his break-up from Carolina Santos.

Why did Jennifer Rush change her name?

In 2010, Rush stated that she adopted her artist name “Jennifer” at the insistence of her first publishing/recording company, CBS Songs, the publishing unit of CBS Germany, with whom she signed her first contracts.

What ever happened to Jennifer Rush?

She appeared live on Daron Mann Breakfast on Algoa FM and the Expresso Morning Show on South African TV during June. From 2016 to 2019, Jennifer was busy writing new material for her upcoming new album and also for other artists.

When the power of love is greater than the love of power meaning?

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace; Jimi Hendrix quote about a utopian world free from abuse of power. In the history of humanity mans thirst for power has never waned for it has been proven to be a path to great wealth and riches.