Who owns Dresser-Rand?

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Is Dresser-Rand part of Siemens?

Dresser-Rand, acquired by Siemens in the same year as the lightning strike and now a part of Siemens Energy, Inc., is one of the world’s leading suppliers of reciprocating compressors.

Who owns Dresser Industries?

Those five operations later took the name “Dresser Inc.” In October 2010, Dresser Inc., was acquired by General Electric. It is headquartered in Addison, Texas.

Who owns coppus turbines?

Dresser-Rand Group, a global supplier of rotating equipment, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of certain assets of Tuthill Energy Systems (TES), manufacturer of Coppus, Murray, and Nadrowski steam turbine products.

Who started Dresser Industries?

founder Solomon Dresser
Dresser got its start when founder Solomon Dresser took out a patent for his revolutionary Dresser Cap Packer in 1880 for use in the oilfield business. Only five years later, in 1885, he patented a second invention, a flexible coupling which he named a Dresser Joint.

Who made dresser equipment?

Komatsu and Dresser Industries established Komatsu Dresser to make mining tractors and related equipment. This 50-50 ownership lasted from September 1988 to August 1994, when Komatsu bought out Dresser’s share. In 1995, Komatsu America Corporation purchased the plant.

What is a Terry turbine?

Terry steam turbines are employed in the safety systems of many nuclear Boiling Water Reactors to drive pumps and provide cooling water to the nuclear reactor core. While the turbine efficiency is low, the more important feature is high reliability under off-normal conditions.

When did dresser buy International?

In November 1982 Dresser took over from the struggling International Harvesters construction division Payline for the bargain price of $82 million, assets valued at $3.3 billion, this included stock, parts, intellectual property of the “Payline” & “Hough” names, along with property assets.

What is a dresser coupling?

Dresser couplings are the original and best compression type pipe joining device. Allowing slight misalignment, vibration, expansion and contraction with a very simple and rapid installation process. If you can do up a nut and bolt you are capable of installing a Dresser coupling.

Who owns Terry turbine?

Terry Steam Turbine Co. operated here until the mid-1960s. (Roth) In 1917, the company provided employees letters for the World War I draft board requesting they be excused to continue the important work supporting the war effort. The firm was bought by Ingersoll Rand in 1974.