Who owns Globus travel?

Group Voyagers
Group Voyagers, Inc. – also known as the “Globus family of brands” is a group of escorted tour, river cruise and independent travel package companies marketed worldwide. They include the brands Globus, Cosmos, Avalon Waterways and Monograms.

Are Globus Tours for old people?

Globus. For more than 90 years, Globus has been a trusted guided tour specialist that ranks among the best travel tour companies for seniors. One of the ways it has translated age into wisdom is by recognizing that a one-size-fits-all tour doesn’t work for everyone.

Are Globus and Cosmos the same company?

The Globus Family of Brands, which includes Globus, Cosmos, Monograms & Avalon Waterways are always popular with our clients. Globus offer a premium guided touring experience all over the world, catering mainly for the 55+ market – but like most Operators are open to all ages.

Does Globus river cruise?

Guaranteed Low Prices on Globus Vacations – River Cruises Cruise down the Danube, Rhine, Amazon or the Mekong on a Globus River Cruise. River cruising is a way to see an abundant amount of cities with included shore excursions, meals, local guides and accommodations.

How long has Globus Tours been in business?

We’ve Spent Over 90 Years Planning your Vacation. Our dedication began over nine decades ago when a young Antonio Mantegazza became inspired to share the stories of his home while using his family’s rowboat to transport lumber across beautiful Lake Lugano in Switzerland.

How big are Globus Tours?

Globus and Cosmos announced they are making their group experiences even smaller, with an average of 20 guests per departure, promising “room to roam.” For comparison, the average group size for Globus is 36 and for Cosmos is 50.

Does Globus go to Iceland?

2022 & 2023 Iceland Tours – Globus® Vacation to Iceland. Experience a world beyond your expectations. Choose from our award-winning vacations on virtually every continent with local favorites and off-the-beaten-path experiences only Globus can share. We know why you travel.

Who is the CEO of Globus travel?

Scott Nisbet
Scott Nisbet, president and CEO of The Globus Family of Brands, one of the world’s highest volume tour operators, saw the effect from an overview.

How many people are on Globus Tours?

36 guests
Fewer Passengers = Extra Comfort With the average number of just 36 guests on a Globus motorcoach, you’re invited to stretch your legs, relax, and enjoy the ride with the extra space you deserve!