Who owns Tri Star Energy?

Founded in 2000, Tri Star is a joint venture of Kimbro Oil Company, The Parman Corporation and Motive Enterprises LLC.

Who owns sudden service?

Tri Star Energy
Tri Star Energy Acquires Hollingsworth Oil, Sudden Service Convenience Retailer. Nashville, Tenn. -based Tri Star Energy—one of the Mid-South’s premier convenience retailers—has acquired Springfield, Tenn. -based Hollingsworth Oil and its convenience retail brand Sudden Service.

How many locations does Tri Star Energy have?

Besides the 84 company-owned locations, Tri Star delivers fuel to 164 dealer locations….Tri Star Energy: Twice Daily/Daily’s.

Headquarters: Nashville, Tenn.
No. of Stores: 73
Average Store Size: 2,500-4,000 sq. ft.
Rank: 73
States of Operation: Kentucky, Tennessee

Who bought Hollingsworth Oil?

Tri Star Energy LLC
— Tri Star Energy LLC has completed its acquisition of Hollingsworth Oil Co. Inc. and its convenience retail brand Sudden Service. The purchase adds 53 c-stores in Kentucky and Tennessee to Tri Star’s 89 locations in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and Kentucky.

What company owns twice daily?

Twice Daily convenience stores are locally owned and operated by Tri Star Energy and have been serving Middle Tennessee since 2000. We feel strongly that quality, community, and customer service are the three pillars of our success.

How many places are twice daily?

Find Your Twice Daily There are over 80 convienent locations, all open 24/7 to serve you. See all our locations below or use the search above to find your closest Twice Daily store.

How many stores does Tri Star Energy have?

Tri Star Energy LLC

Headquarters: Nashville, Tenn.
No. of Stores: 87
Average Store Size: 3,200 sq. ft.
Rank: 66
Rank Last Year: 73

Does twice daily have Icee?

In the beverage department, Twice Daily stores feature 28 flavors plus flavor shots, ICEE and f’real milkshakes.

Does twice daily have milk?

Snack foods typically sold in Twice Daily stores; Convenience items, such as milk and eggs; Beer and the option to build your own six pack; and. A White Bison Coffee bar that features cold brew, nitro coffee, espresso beverages, pour-over coffee, blended coffee drinks and smoothies.

Who owns twice daily stores?

Is twice daily owned by Shell?

and Shell Oil Motiva formed Tri Star Energy LLC (also Tri Star Services LLC), the parent company of Twice Daily and Daily’s convenience stores.