Who owns wine Enthusiast?

Adam Strum
Adam Strum is the Founder and Chairman of Wine Enthusiast Companies, the leading inventor and seller of wine accessories and storage, and Editor and Publisher of Wine Enthusiast Magazine, which provides authoritative wine reviews and ratings every year.

Where is the wine Enthusiast located?

Valhalla, NY
Wine Enthusiast Companies today is a world-renowned multi-channel marketer, with exclusive products that cannot be found anywhere else. Addressing the wholesale, retail and consumer direct markets, they´re headquartered in the relaxed town of Valhalla, NY, not 30 minutes outside of Manhattan.

How often is Wine Enthusiast published?

14 times a year
Wine Enthusiast was founded in 1988, offering information on wine and spirits, with reviews and articles on topics peripheral to wine, such as entertaining, travel, restaurants and notable sommeliers. Published 14 times a year, the magazine has a readership of 800,000 consumers worldwide.

What do Wine Enthusiast ratings mean?

Wine Enthusiast 94-97: A great achievement. 90-93: Highly recommended. 87-89: Often good value, well recommended. 83-86: Good – suitable for everyday consumption; often good value. 80-82: Can be employed in casual, less-critical circumstances.

Is wine enthusiast a good brand?

Plus, Wine Enthusiast has the best customer service we found, which is key when you’re buying a large appliance that will be a 100-pound-plus hassle to return. For serious collectors, the freestanding EuroCave Premiere S is an excellent basic model from a top brand whose wine fridges are known for their durability.

Is wine enthusiast a good magazine?

Wine Enthusiast Wine Enthusiast is another respected wine magazine that focuses on wine and food pairings, wine reviews, winery travel, and culture. All in all, if you’re not only enthusiastic about wine but food as well, this one is an excellent choice.

What is the best wine rating site?

Top Wine Review Sites

  • Wine Enthusiast Magazine. The Wine Enthusiast Magazine, headquartered in New York and published since 1988, has over 800,000 readers worldwide and has a friendly approach to wine.
  • Wine Spectator.
  • Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate.
  • Jancis Robinson’s Purple Pages.
  • Decanter Magazine.

What is a wine expert called?

A sommelier is a wine waiter or steward; a trained and knowledgeable professional providing the service of wines, usually in a restaurant setting.

Is 89 a good wine score?

Wine & Spirits Magazine says: 86 to 89 — highly recommended. Wine Enthusiast Magazine says: 85-89 — Very good. May offer outstanding value if the price is right.

Is 88 a good score for wine?

85-89 Very good: a wine with special qualities. 80-84 Good: a solid, well-made wine. 75-79 Mediocre: a drinkable wine that may have minor flaws. 50-74 Not recommended.