Who painted the colbinabbin silos?

Tim Bowtell
The six-silo art mural in Colbinabbin was painted by Tim Bowtell in 2020, and re-tells significant moments from the town’s history, including its important links to agriculture, community, environment and the construction of the railway.

Where is the silo Art Trail?

Wimmera Mallee
Where is the Silo Art Trail? The official Silo Art Trail in Victoria consists of 8 silos spread over 200 kilometres in the Wimmera Mallee region. The closest silo to Melbourne is The Rupanyup Silo by Julia Volchkova, which is where most people choose to start the trail.

Who paints silo art?

American artist HENSE and British muralist Phlegm created the country’s first-ever silo mural in Northam, Western Australia, in March 2015, when FORM, a creative non-profit organization based in Perth, and CBH Group, the state’s main grain handler, commissioned them to paint eight silos.

How many painted silos are there in NSW?

Silo Art and Water Towers in New South Wales There are seven silos on the NSW Silo trail; in comparison, there are 23 water towers, and I have included the ones we have seen too! Three of the NSW silos were painted by Melbourne based artist Heesco.

How long does the silo Art Trail take?

about 4 hours
How long does the Silo Art Trail take? Technically you can drive the whole Silo Art Trail is about 4 hours. To travel the entire length of the original 200 kilometre trail from Julia Volchkova’s work in Rupanyup to Fintan Magee’s mural in Patchewollock takes just over 2 hours.

Who painted the silos at Portland NSW?

artist Guido Van Helten
The silos were painted in April and May 2018 by artist Guido Van Helten. Using the site of the mural as a natural focus, the artist heard from former employees and Portland natives alike to piece together a view of this former industrial community known as ‘the town that built Sydney. ‘