Who played the governor in Hawaii 50?

Richard Denning
Hawaii Five-O (TV Series 1968–1980) – Richard Denning as Governor, Gov.

Who played the Lady Governor on Hawaii Five-O?

Jean Smart
Pat Jameson (Jean Smart) was a hidden recurring villainess from the first season of Hawaii Five-0 (2010-11). She was the Governor of Hawaii and was introduced in the pilot episode, where she helped Steve McGarrett find out who was behind the murder of his father, John McGarrett..

Who plays Governor Denning on Hawaii Five-O?

Richard T. Jones
“Hawaii Five-0” Ua Lawe Wale (TV Episode 2011) – Richard T. Jones as Governor Sam Denning – IMDb.

What happens Governor Denning?

Richard Denning, the classically handsome movie and television character actor best known for his role as the governor of Hawaii in the long-running television series Hawaii Five-O, has died at 85. A resident of Maui, Mr.

Is there a real 5 0 Task Force in Hawaii?

First appearance. The Hawaii Five-0 Task Force is a government task force in Hawaii which was created by Governor Patricia Jameson in an attempt to rid the Hawaiian Islands of crime, corruption and murder as well as any and all threats of terrorism.

Was the Governor working with Wo Fat?

As John investigated further he found that the Governor was actually in league with the Yakuza and Wo Fat.

What happened to the governor in Hawaii Five-O?

Death and legacy When McGarrett confronted Governor Jameson in her office, he was tasered by Wo Fat who in turn shot Jameson twice in the chest, killing her instantly before leaving the gun in McGarrett’s hand and fleeing the scene, making it look like McGarrett had killed the Governor.

Who killed the governor on Hawaii Five-O?

Wo Fat
Wo Fat shoots and kills the Governor and places the gun in Steve’s hand. Chin, who accepted the position his job back at HPD, arrests Steve. A witness recognizes Kono as the one who stole from the forfeiture locker.

Who is the Governor in Season 2 Hawaii Five-O?

Jones: Lieutenant Governor Denning.

What happened to the Governor on Hawaii Five-0?

Portrayed by Samuel “Sam” Denning is the new Governor of Hawaii who took over the position after his predecessor, Governor Pat Jameson was shot dead at the hands of crime boss, Wo Fat.

What happened to the Governor on Hawaii Five 0?

Is the Governor in Hawaii Five-O dirty?

In spite of her good deeds, Jameson was later exposed as a corrupt politician who was in league with the crime boss, Wo Fat with Wo Fat himself later killing her and framing Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett for the crime.