Who plays Billy Puscifer?

Maynard James Keenan
What Is… Puscifer (2013) – Maynard James Keenan as Billy D – IMDb.

What Puscifer means?

Puscifer. Puscifer is a side project of Maynard James Keenan, known for his work with the bands Tool and A Perfect Circle. As Keenan is the only permanent member and he considers the project to be his “creative subconscious”, Puscifer could be considered a pseudonym for his solo work.

Is Maynard still in Puscifer?

Merkin’s just one of the characters Keenan portrays as part of his band Puscifer. And after five years of no live performances, Puscifer is finally getting back on the road. The Existential Reckoning Tour (named after the band’s 2020 album) kicks off on Thursday, June 9, in Las Vegas.

Who is the lead singer of Puscifer?

Maynard James Keenan (born James Herbert Keenan; April 17, 1964) is an American singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, actor, and winemaker. He is best known as the singer and primary lyricist of the rock bands Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Puscifer.

Who plays Hildy Berger?

The video for “Conditions of My Parole” featured Maynard and Laura Milligan from Mr. Show as their characters Billy D. and Hildy Berger, who also appear in character on the album cover.

How did a Puscifer get their name?

Background. Puscifer’s original name was Umlaut, “a premiere improvisational hardcore band”. The name “Puscifer” was first publicized as a fictional band in the first episode of Mr. Show, including Keenan and Adam Jones as members.

What is Maynards real name?

James Herbert KeenanMaynard James Keenan / Full name

Who is the band Puscifer?

Puscifer (/ˈpʊsɪfər/) is an American rock group formed in Los Angeles by Maynard James Keenan, known as the lead singer of the bands Tool and A Perfect Circle. As Keenan was the only permanent member, he considered the project to be his “creative subconscious”.