Who plays Natacha rambova in AHS?

Alexandra Daddario
American Horror Story (TV Series 2011– ) – Alexandra Daddario as Natacha Rambova – IMDb.

Was Alexandra Daddario in AHS Hotel?

Alexandra Daddario is returning to American Horror Story: Hotel as Natacha Rambova — and judging by her character’s previous appearance, things are going to get messy. Daddario, 29, appears on the FX series’ Dec. 9 episode, where she plays the fashionable, bloodthirsty wife of Rudolph Valentino (Finn Wittrock).

Who does Alexandra Daddario play in AHS?

Natacha Rambova
Appearances. Natacha Rambova (formerly Winifred Shaughnessy-Hudnut) is an actress in the Roaring Twenties and the wife of Rudolph Valentino. She is a character in Hotel portrayed by Alexandra Daddario.

Who played Natacha in Hotel?

She was also featured in a fictionalized narrative in the network series American Horror Story: Hotel (2015), portrayed by Alexandra Daddario.

What episode of American Horror Story is Alexandra Daddario?

“American Horror Story” Flicker (TV Episode 2015) – Alexandra Daddario as Natacha Rambova – IMDb.

Who played Heather in AHS Roanoke?

Jamie Brewer made her television debut on American Horror Story. Prior to her transition to acting on camera, she was a theatrical actress.

Are Tristan and Valentino the same person?

If you’re thinking that this devilishly handsome actor looks familiar, then you would be right. Valentino is played by none other than our beloved AHS vet Finn Wittrock, whose previous character, Tristan, was just killed off the show as early as last week.

Who played Valentino in AHS?

Finn Wittrock
Rudolph Valentino is an actor and Elizabeth’s first love. He is a character in Hotel portrayed by Finn Wittrock.

Is Finn Wittrock wife?

Sarah RobertsFinn Wittrock / Wife (m. 2014)

On October 18, 2014, Wittrock married his longtime girlfriend and fellow Juilliard graduate, Sarah Roberts, in a private ceremony. In March 2019, the couple had a son, Jude.

Who does Liz Taylor fall in love with AHS?

Tristan is making love with Liz Taylor and after coitus the two exchange declarations of love.