Who was Mr Midgley in Coronation Street?

Mr Midgeley was the father of Jenny’s son Tom and when the youngster drowned in a freak accident, their marriage broke down. Following the death of her child, the landlady of the Rovers moved back to the cobbles after decades away from Weatherfield.

How old is James Midgley?

About 47 years (1975)James Midgley / Age

Who is Daisy Midgley’s father?

James Midgley | Coronation Street Wiki | Fandom.

What has James Midgley appeared in?


  • Known For. Stumped Producer (2015)
  • Rape Director (2012)
  • Dark Secrets Performer (2013)
  • Ackley Bridge Darren Haddock (2018)
  • Actor. Ackley Bridge Darren Haddock (2018)
  • Coronation Street Richie O’Driscoll (2000-2016)
  • Dark Secrets Performer (2013)
  • The Syndicate DC Turner (2013)

How are Daisy and Jenny related in Coronation Street?

Daisy Midgeley is the former stepdaughter of Jenny Connor. Jenny was once married to Daisy’s father, who is known as Mr Midgeley. It has never been revealed what happened to Daisy’s biological mum, but she has said that Jenny is the closest thing she has to a mother.

Is Jenny Falconer married?

James MidgleyJenni Falconer / Spouse (m. 2010)

How far does Jenni Falconer run?

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Who is Daisy’s dad in Coronation Street?

Coronation Street: Abi hints at negative pregnancy test to Imran. Daisy (played by Charlotte Jordan) is the daughter of Mr Midgeley, who has been mentioned many times over the years on Coronation Street as he was married to legendary character, Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews).

Who did James Midgley play in Emmerdale?

Ed Wills
James Midgley (born 1975) is an English actor who played Ed Wills between February and September 2001.

Who played Ed in Emmerdale?

James Midgley (born 1975) is an English actor who played Ed Wills between February and September 2001. His other credits also include The Bill, Casualty and Coronation Street.

Is Daisy Jenny’s daughter?

Daisy is the daughter of Jenny Connor’s ex husband, who she raised as a teen. The pair were close and have continued to stay in touch, even after Jenny left her father following the tragic death of her son.