Who won the Serie A 2016?

2016–17 Serie A

Juventus celebrating their title win
Season 2016–17
Champions League Juventus Roma Napoli
Europa League Atalanta Lazio Milan
Matches played 380

Why was there no Serie A in 2005?

The league commenced on 28 August 2005 and finished on 14 May 2006. While Juventus were originally the first-placed team, this title was put sub judice due to their involvement in the Calciopoli scandal, with Internazionale instead declared champions by the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) on 26 July 2006.

Who won Serie A 2014?

2014–15 Serie A

Season 2014–15
Champions Juventus 31st title
Relegated Cesena Cagliari Parma (to LND)
Champions League Juventus Roma Lazio
Europa League Fiorentina Napoli Sampdoria

Who won Serie A 2018?

2018–19 Serie A

Season 2018–19
Champions Juventus 35th title
Relegated Empoli Frosinone Chievo
Champions League Juventus Napoli Atalanta Internazionale
Europa League Lazio Roma Torino

Why was Juventus relegated in 2006?

Back in 2006, Juventus were relegated to Serie B and stripped of two Serie A titles for their role in a refereeing scandal that also resulted in fines and points deductions for AC Milan, Fiorentina, Lazio and Reggina. This time around, the focus is on finances, and plusvalenza (capital gains) in particular.

What happened 2004 Serie A?

The tiebreaker was won by Parma, who were defeated 0–1 at home but won 0–2 away in the return match. This method of classifying teams on equal points totals was abolished for the 2005–06 season….2004–05 Serie A.

Season 2004–05
Highest scoring Parma 6–4 Livorno
Average attendance 26,098
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Who won series A 2018?

Who won Serie A 2013?

2013–14 Serie A

Season 2013–14
Champions Juventus 30th title
Relegated Livorno Bologna Catania
Champions League Juventus Roma Napoli
Europa League Fiorentina Internazionale Torino