Why are my Box files not syncing?

You need to make sure the folders you want to sync to and from your computer are enabled to sync in Box.com. Go to Box.com > Find and click the file option button > Properties > Sync to Computer. 3) If you are still having issues syncing to and from your computer, please contact Box support for more help.

Is Box Sync going away?

We will retire Box Sync mid-2020. We’ve followed this schedule for replacing Box Sync with Box Drive: 12/6/2019 – Box Drive available for download.

What happened Box Sync?

If your Box Sync stops working in 2020 or later, it is probably because it has been replaced with Box Drive. The symptom of the issue is new files placed in your box.com account that you can see in the browser are now longer showing in the desktop folder.

How do you resync a Box?

When logged into Box on the web, right-click on the folder (or click the arrow to the right of the folder name) and select the Sync Folder to Computer Option. The Box Sync folder for Windows users will have links to the Box Sync folder in Favorites as well as the Desktop.

What does a red dot on Box Sync mean?

error syncing
If there are red icons, there was an error syncing that item.

How do I check my Box sync status?

Checking Your Sync Status Double-click on the Box Sync icon. If the status says “Scanning” or “Syncing”, allow time for the process to complete and be sure you’re connected to the internet. If the status is “Synced”, compare your date/time with the last time you saved something to the Box Sync folder.

How do I reset my box Drive?

Log out of Box Drive by locating the Box icon on the Windows Task bar, right clicking on it and selecting “Log out.” a. Right click on the Box application and select “Log out.” Box Drive is now reset and all data has been cleared.

Does Box Sync work both ways?

No. Box Sync 4. x does not allow you to sync a different subset of files across different computers.

What happens if I uninstall Box Sync?

Uninstalling Box Sync via Box Drive does not disable the application. It only removes the local client. That means you can still see the “sync to desktop” options in the Box Web app even after the uninstall process.

How do I know if Box Sync is working?

Files and folders with blue check mark icons indicate successful syncing.

  1. On Windows, if there are no icons, you may be logged out of Box Sync.
  2. If there are yellow icons, Box Sync is scanning your folder tree and/or syncing your content.

Why does Box Sync take so long?

Box Sync may be slow due to the number of folders you have in Box Sync. Whenever you make a change, Box scans all of the files and folders to see if any other changes need to be reflected in Box Sync or the website.

How do I sync Dropbox across devices?

Sign in to your Dropbox account on each device, then add your files and folders to the Dropbox folder on your computer, phone, or tablet. Dropbox cloud file sync is available on multiple devices and platforms, from Windows and mac OS , to mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, and Android via the Dropbox mobile app.