Why does my email show up when I text someone iPhone?

If your friends and family are saying you’re sending them text messages from your email them something is wrong with your settings. This tends to occur when you purchase a new phone, or sometimes when you update your device.

How do I remove my email from iMessage?

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  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap Messages.
  3. Tap Send & Receive.
  4. Tap the blue Info icon.
  5. Tap Remove This Email.
  6. Confirm Remove Email Address. Is this article up to date? Yes No.

How do I get my number to show up instead of my email?

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  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and select the Messages subsection.
  3. Tap Send & Receive.
  4. Scroll down to “Start New Conversations From”, and select your phone number instead of your email address.

How do I stop my email showing on iMessage?

Otherwise to use a different Apple ID for iMessage tap on the ‘Use Other Apple ID’ option. Once signed in, your phone number will be displayed under the ‘Start New Conversation From’ section. Tap on your number to select it. You should now be able to send iMessages from your number instead of your email address.

How do I unlink my email from a text message?

Disable SMS Sync to Exchange on your Android Phone

  1. On the phone, open the Email application.
  2. Tap Settings, then tap Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync in the Accounts group.
  3. Next, tap Settings under Common settings group, then tap your email address.
  4. Scroll down and under the Server settings group, uncheck Sync SMS.

How do I remove my email from a text message?

How do I hide my email address on iMessage?

Tap your name at the top of the screen, select the entry for iCloud, and then tap Hide My Email (Figure A). If you’re already used the Sign in with Apple option, you’ll see a list of the random email addresses you’ve generated in the past. To use one of these addresses for a new online account, tap it.

How do I fix my iPhone from texting from my email?

Change iMessage Address from Settings app on your iPhone Then, locate the ‘Messages’ tile from the Settings screen and tap on it to continue. After that, locate and tap on the ‘Send & Receive’ tile on the ‘Messages’ settings screen. Now, locate the ‘Start New Conversation From’ section and tap on your mobile number.