Why is Delphine upset when she finds her name in the dictionary?

(P.S. She thinks Merriam Webster is the name of a woman who wrote the dictionary.) Delphine was furious to find that her name is, in fact, in the dictionary. Why the anger? Because it means Cecile didn’t make it up, so it isn’t special; it isn’t unique.

What words does Delphine use to describe her mother?

Delphine has an answer of course: Cecile is “Cecile” and when they describe her to other people, they call her “Mother,” a plain, dry, factual word.

What are Delphine character traits?

Delphine Gaither She is unerringly responsible, cares deeply for, and takes care of her younger sisters, Vonetta and Fern, and deeply loves and respects her father, Louis Gaither, and her grandmother, Big Ma Gaither.

What surprised the girls about Cecile’s living conditions?

By Rita Williams-Garcia Delphine eventually learned that Big Ma’s words were not to be taken literally, but she still expected that Cecile was in dire straights. That’s why the girls are so surprised when they arrive at Cecile’s big green stucco house.

What does Delphine learn about the meaning of her name?

Delphine as a girl’s name is of Greek origin meaning “dolphin”. It is a French form referring to the Greek town of Delphi, home of a famous oracle. The Greeks believed that Delphi was the earth’s womb, and the dolphin’s shape resembles that of a pregnant woman.

Who is vonetta One Crazy Summer?

Vonetta Gaither– 9. An attention-seeking, outgoing, and feisty! Fern (Afua) Gaither– 7 1/2. The youngest Gaither sister, who is courageous and outspoken; she’s attached to her doll, Miss PattyCake.

What does Delphine mean in crazy summer?

To Delphine, a name represents your whole identity. Because of this, it bugs Delphine that her mom got a new name—and it bugs Fern that anybody wants to call her Afua. She’s Fern, please and thank you. That Cecile/Nzila doesn’t recognize this shows how little she understands her daughter.

What type of person is Delphine in one crazy summer?

Delphine Gaither– 11. A responsible girl who takes care of her two younger sisters; very mature and caring also brave; narrates the story.

How is Delphine responsible?

At the start of the novel, Delphine embraces her responsibilities as her sisters’ caregiver. When her father tells her to look out for sisters, she does so without hesitation—bathing them, feeding them, and protecting them from her mother, who refuses to coddle them.

What happens at the end of the book One Crazy Summer?

In the end, Nzila confesses much about her past to Delphine and the girls begin to understand more about their mother. While their relationship is still difficult and complicated, they part feeling closer than they ever have.