Why is it so difficult to achieve mass customization?

It requires a highly flexible production technology. Developing such technologies can be expensive and time-consuming. Some processes, moreover, are more flexible and easier to digitize than others.

What is mass customization process strategy?

Mass customization is a business strategy that focuses on customers and recognizes the need to provide outstanding products while using new programs and procedures. The strategy makes it possible to design a product that reflects the actual choice of an individual customer through a flexible process.

What are the key success factors for mass customization to be truly effective?

FACTORS RELATED TO SUCCESS MASS CUSTOMIZATION These improved performances include increased customer satisfaction, increased market share, increased customer knowledge, reduced order response time, reduced manufacturing cost, and increased profit.

Is Netflix an example of mass customization?

Segmentation is a cornerstone of any mass customization practice. Netflix, for example, does not laboriously create new home screens for each of its customers. It divides its subscriber base into segments (called “taste communities”), and serves each of these segments a customized version of its product.

How does Nike use mass customization?

In footwear, Nike and Converse have built popular ‘mass customisation’ services, which allow customers to participate in the design of their products, which are then built to order in large-scale factories, blending the benefits of traditional craft production with the efficiencies of modern industrial processes.

What are the challenges of mass customization?

5 Challenges of mass customization

  • Challenge 1: Developing a platform for placing the custom order.
  • Challenge 2: Achieving low-cost operations, without confusion.
  • Challenge 3: Tracking each order, so that the customer gets the right product.
  • Challenge 4: Ensuring the lead time on ordering the product is not too high.

What is mass customization give an example?

Nike By You or NikeiD from apparel manufacturer Nike is a perfect example of mass customization in marketing and manufacturing. It allows customers to personalize their own Nike products, including clothing and footwear, from colors and materials to style.

Do you think mass customization is important why or why not?

Mass customization is a useful marketing solution for acquiring and retaining consumers and building long term relationships with them. As consumers and retailers co-create new products, consumers gain an opportunity to purchase more favorable products, and their willingness to pay extra costs increases.