Why is my boiler showing C?

When your boiler displays a ‘C’ on the boiler screen and the burner light is also flashing, this means your boiler has reached the programmed temperature. If your house has not met the set temperature and your boiler is showing this it could be caused by a circulation problem in the system.

How do I reset my ideal Logic Combi 24 boiler?

REsET PROCEDURE To reset boiler, turn the mode control knob (D) to reset position and immediately turn knob back to required setting. The boiler will repeat the ignition sequence. If the boiler still fails to light consult a Gas Safe Registered Engineer or in IE a Registered Gas Installer (RGII).

How do I fix my boiler status 0?

An Ideal Boiler Status 0 might be nothing to worry about. Your boiler might simply need a reset. But on the other hand, if you find your boiler needs to be reset frequently (or if resetting your boiler doesn’t fix the problem), it could be part of a bigger issue and time to call out a professional.

What does red light mean on Ideal boiler?

Depending on the type of boiler you have, a flashing red light could indicate a variety of errors, but often a flashing red light means there’s a failure in the ignition sequence. You can try to reset your boiler. If this doesn’t work, then it’s best to have a technician come out and check your system.

What does D mean on boiler?

fired up for a hot water demand
When ‘D’ is displayed on your boiler screen it means your boiler has fired up for a hot water demand.

What does Status D mean on Ideal boiler?

This means the boiler is not receiving a demand from either the hot water or central heating. Still need further guidance with your Ideal boiler? Why. Learn more. What does it mean when ‘D’ is displayed on the boiler screen?

What does D mean on an Ideal boiler?

What does status 0 mean on a boiler?

boiler is on standby
When ‘0’ is displayed on the boiler screen it means the boiler is on standby. This means the boiler is not receiving a demand from either the hot water or central heating.

What should Ideal boiler status?

What does the Ideal Boiler Status C mean? Ideal advises that C shows on your boiler’s display screen when there is a demand for central heating. This simply means that your boiler is heating up water to send around your radiators.

What does status f mean on a boiler?

The F1 error code tells you that your boiler is losing pressure and is now low on pressure. This may be caused by: Water leaking from the pipes. Water leaking your radiators.