Why is my screen flickering when playing games?

KEY TAKEAWAYS: If your screen flickers, check if your display’s refresh rate is low. Even if you own the top-rated 4K gaming monitor on the market, sometimes the refresh rate may not be able to support the current game and needs to be adjusted.

How do I get my screen to stop flickering?

If your screen is still flickering, try adjusting your brightness settings, and disabling the adaptive brightness feature. Corrupted data in the system on your device can sometimes cause the screen to flicker. Clear the cache on your device, then check if the flickering continues.

Why does my graphics card keep flickering?

If your graphics card isn’t seated correctly in your motherboard, it can cause your monitor display to flicker on and off. You can easily check this if your motherboard has inbuilt graphics. Remove the monitor cable from your graphics card and plug it into the motherboard’s display slot instead.

Why does my screen flicker on Facebook?

If you’re seeing flashing on your Facebook timeline, profile or page, there’s a good chance you’ve been infected with adware or malware. Facebook will not serve up ads that flash or automatically play video or sound, nor will Facebook put ads in the timeline, heading or on the left side of the page, so if you’re seeing …

How do I stop Freesync flickering?

If your FPS is constantly around 48FPS, LFC rapidly goes on and off — thus causing brightness flickering. A simple solution to this is to decrease your picture settings in order to maintain a higher frame rate. Alternatively, you can use CRU (Custom Resolution Utility) to increase the VRR range.

Why does my screen flicker when watching videos?

Screen flickering in Windows 10 is usually caused by a display driver issue or incompatible app. To determine whether a display driver or app is causing the problem, check to see if Task Manager flickers.

How do I fix 144hz flickering?

In the Nvidia Control Panel under 3D Settings, change the Power Management setting to “Prefer maximum performance”. You may also need to set “Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration” to “Single display performance mode”.