Why is my WD Passport making a clicking sound?

The insufficient power supply is a very common cause of noise in the hard drive. It mostly happens when you have connected multiple devices (including the HDD) to a single port. Physical depreciation of the hard drive which results from either simple issues or damage such as a physical shock or trauma.

Why does my hard drive make clicking sounds?

The printed circuit board in your hard drive connects electronic components. Sometimes, that board or the head stack assembly is damaged by a power surge or surges. When either of these are damaged, the hard drive cannot function properly, and the result is a hard drive noise that sounds like a click or tick.

Why is my WD hard drive clicking?

A Western Digital hard drive makes a repeated clicking noise every 5 seconds. Cause: The ‘noise’ heard is due to a feature used to prevent disturbances in media lube due to prolonged dwelling at a single location. This is common for HDD suppliers as a preventive activity for reliability.

How do I stop my hard drive from making noise?

Ways to Quiet a Noisy Hard Drive

  1. Use Rubber to Quiet Vibrations.
  2. De-fragment and Optimize the Drive.
  3. Check Your Computer Fans and Clean Them.
  4. Place the Hard Drive on a Vibration Dampening Pad (External HDD)
  5. Take it to a Professional.
  6. Replace the HDD.

Can I fix my hard drive myself?

There are no DIY shortcuts to repairing a broken hard drive, no matter what random folks on the Internet might say about freezers and ovens and hammer tests. Only data recovery companies with professional cleanroom labs and skilled technicians can reliably perform the delicate work needed for hard drive repair.

Can a beeping hard drive be fixed?

How to Fix It: To determine this problem, you can try a different computer or a different port. If the drive stops beeping after trying on a different device, then be sure that it’s faulty cable or port. Try a new port and see if it stops beeping. If it doesn’t, get a new cable.