Why is Stanford shuttle called Marguerite?

The Marguerite shuttle is named for the horse that pulled the carriage of Asa “Uncle John” Andrews as he ferried people from Palo Alto to Stanford. Marguerite was apparently Andrews’ favorite. We are told that Andrews either drove for Jasper Paulsen, who owned a livery stable in Palo Alto, or leased space from him.

Does Stanford Marguerite run on weekends?

Marguerite is free and open to the public – no ID required. The main shuttle lines traverse the campus Monday through Friday all year (except university holidays). Evening and weekend service are available from mid-September to mid-June with Lines N, O, OCA, and Shopping Express.

How much does transportation cost at Stanford?

Commuter Permit Prices

Permit Type Short-term/Daily Long-term
‘A’ $16.25/day $116/month
SRWC ‘C’ $5.45/day $35/month
Motorcycle $2.50/day $12.50/month
SRWC Motorcycle $2.50/day $12.50/month

How much does a PHD at Stanford cost?


Quarter Year 1 Year 5
Autumn 11 – 18 units | $18,105 *TGR | $3,531
Winter 11 – 18 units | $18,105 *TGR | $3,531
Spring 11 – 18 units | $18,105 *TGR | $3,531
Total tuition $54,315 $10,593

Who donated to Stanford University?

capitalist John Doerr
In the largest gift ever to Stanford University, Silicon Valley venture capitalist John Doerr and his wife, Ann, have agreed to donate $1.1 billion to set up a new school on the campus devoted to the study of climate change and its solutions.

Is Stanford a non profit?

Stanford University is a non-profit public charity that receives its funds from sponsors, donors, parents/students and others in furtherance of our educational, research and patient care missions.