Why is Tanzania called Bongo?

Bongo is derived from ubongo, literally meaning ‘brain’ in Kiswahili, and was orig- inally used as a term to denote Dar es Salaam, a city where brains were said to be needed by its inhabitants in order to survive. Later the term’s meaning widened to include the whole of Tanzania.

Who is the best in Bongo?

Top bongo flava songs of 2021

  • Diamond Platnumz. 6.63M subscribers.
  • Lava Lava. 1.21M subscribers.
  • BarnabaClassic. 282K subscribers.
  • Harmonize. 3.25M subscribers.
  • Zuchu. 1.97M subscribers.
  • Harmonize. 3.26M subscribers.
  • Darassa. 499K subscribers.
  • Nandy – The African Princess. 1.05M subscribers.

Who is the best Bongo singer in Africa?

Naseeb Abdul Juma Issack, famously known by his stage name Diamond Platnumz, is one of the most famous musicians in Tanzania and East Africa. Apart from that, he is a Bongo Flava recording craftsman, entertainer, artist, and philanthropist.

Who started Bongo?

Bongo flava started as a Tanzanian take on American hip-hop and R&B one of the earliest hits in the genre came in 1991 from Saleh Jaber (a.k.a. Saleh J), who rapped in Swahili over the instrumental track from Vanilla Ice’s hit “Ice Ice Baby” (which borrowed its instrumental from Queen’s hit “Under Pressure,” meaning …

Who is King of Bongo?

Ali Kiba dethrones Diamond Platinumz as King of Bongo, new MTV poll. Tanzanian musicians Ali Kiba (left) and Diamond Platinumz (right). Tanzanian musician Ali Kiba staged a bloodless coup in 2015 to reclaim his throne as the King of Bongo from his fierce rival Diamond Platinumz.

Who is the musician of Bongo?

In 1981 musician Remmy Ongala founded a band called Matimila. Each band has a unique mtindo (style/fashion) and Remmy Ongala’s band Matimila named their mtindo “Bongo”. Remmy Ongala would become the most famous musician ever for Tanzania, reaching global fame working with English singer Peter Gabriel.

Who is the king of Bongo Flava?

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has spoken out on word gathering steam in the streets that his junior Harmonize is the new king of Bongo Flava. Speaking to Bongo 5, Platnumz reiterated that he remains king and that his pride is in seeing his WCB mates prosper with shows in and out of Tanzania.