Why KPN Travels is closed?

Subscriber Exclusive. Early this month, the NCLT had ordered insolvency proceedings against KPN Travels in a case filed by TVS Automobile for not receiving payment for supply of various goods. KPN failed to pay an outstanding of about ₹3.94 crore for supplies made from August 31, 2017 to December 31, 2019.

Which is biggest bus station in India?

The Millennium Park Bus Depot
The Millennium Park Bus Depot is a major bus station located in Delhi, India. It is currently the largest bus depot in the world….

Millennium Park Bus Depot
Opened 17 September 2010

Which bus has most fans in Kerala?

KSRTC buses have a wide fan following across the entire state of Kerala. Fondly called as Aanavandi, it has close to 100 dedicated fan pages on Instagram. Many people see KSRTC buses as a callback to their childhood nostalgia, while some others enjoys frequently travelling in these buses.

What is the price of tourist bus in Kerala?

Tourist buses for sale in Kerala for just Rs 45 per kg.

Which is the biggest bus stand in Kerala?

It is the largest and busiest bus terminal in Kerala with 7.41 acres serving the buses traveling on all routes in Kerala and other inter-state destinations such as Chennai, Bangalore, Mysore, Nagercoil, and Kanyakumari….

Central bus station Thiruvananthapuram
Rebuilt February 2014

Which is the biggest KSRTC stand in Kerala?

Is KSRTC govt or private?

It is wholly owned by the Government of Karnataka. It serves routes to towns and cities in the Southern part of Karnataka and connects it to the rest of the state and the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Goa and the Union territory of Puducherry.